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Demon's Revenge My Name Is Emily Carson.Last Year My Twin Brother, Seth, And I Discovered That We Have Demon DNA And Things Got A Bitmessy Surprisingly, Asmodeus Our Daddy Dearest Doesn T Seem To Have Forgiven Me For My Actions The Last Time We Met And The Word Is That He S Out For Revenge.It S Okay Though Cause There S A Plan Escape To Italy With Gorgeous Fallen Angel, Sariel Meet His Buddies, Catch A Few Rays, Convince Him To Wear Speedos And Maybe Even Engineer Another Excuse To Lock Lips With Him That S My Plan, Anyway Sounds Good, Right What Could Possibly Go Wrong

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    August 18Starting this book now while traveling back home from the holidays I want to thank the author Thank you, Ashley for this free copy of this ebook It s been a pleasure helping you August 20Just finished it Review coming soon as in tomorrow In the meanwhile, this book is amazing That s all you need to know to be sure you MUST read it August 21Time to review So how to start Did I mention already that I should thank Ashley for this free ebook This is one of the greatest books ever read I couldn t put it down I enjoyed every minute of my reading, loved every word, almost passed out a couple of times, chuckled many times too, been on the verge of strangling Emily than a couple of times, been on the verge of jumping on Sariel almost all the time, on the verge of tears a few times And I also have my two favorite chapters I can t stop thinking about Chapters 45 and 46 are awesome Read them a few times Give me go...

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    I really enjoyed this A brilliant follow up to Demon s Daughter if you ve read that you have to read this, if you haven t read the first book go and read it now It s great

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