[[ EPUB ]] ✷ The Ultimate Guide to Conspiracies Author Andy Thomas – Lalaweek.us

The Ultimate Guide to Conspiracies The Kennedy Assassination Princess Diana S Death The Moon Landing Are Official Accounts Of These Events True Or Is Something Nefarious Going On With Trust In Authorities At An All Time Low, And The Internet Always Buzzing, Conspiracy Theories Now Spread Like Wildfire But How Do We Separate Fact From Fiction The Ultimate Guide To Conspiracies Examines The Believers And Whether They Should Be Taken Seriously Looks Back In History To Pinpoint Actual Conspiracies And Carefully Examines Some Of Today S Most Popular Conspiracies, From UFO Cover Ups To 9 11 And The New World Order While It Ventures Into Some Shadowy, Even Gruesome, Territory At Times, It S A Journey Well Worth Taking.

[[ EPUB ]] ✷ The Ultimate Guide to Conspiracies  Author Andy Thomas – Lalaweek.us
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • The Ultimate Guide to Conspiracies
  • Andy Thomas
  • English
  • 07 November 2018
  • 9781780285085

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    The Kennedy assassination Princess Diana s death The moon landing Are official accounts of these events true or is something nefarious going on With trust in authorities at an all time low, and the Internet always buzzing, conspiracy theories now spread like wildfire B

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    This review is based on a pre release version of the book.In Western culture there are many conspiracy theories afoot from the older ones Pearl Harbor, the sinking of the Lusitania to modern JFK, Paul is Dead, The Moon Landing to present day Princess Diana, 9 11, Bin Laden There are also conspiracy theories that are timeless, like space aliens, the Illuminati and general New World Order goodness.This book attempts to give an Executive level overview into all of the above conspiracies, and several Mr Thomas does do some good in pointing out what may be actual holes in the perception of truth, he often turns a blind eye to the fact that people are fallible.A case in point is one person identified Oswald s gun as a specific model, but official reports changed it to something else While this could mean there where hijinks afoot, the likely explanation is that the first person was simply not as much of a gun expert as they thought.To be fair, he does admit some of the theories stray pretty far into lunatic territory, and that the truth to any story is probably somewhere between the official version and the theorist s viewpoint It s a pretty interesting read, and unless you re well versed on most conspiracies, you re probably going to learn something out of this Plus, there are a lot of websites at the end for further research or possible trolling on message boards At the end of each chapter, he gives a short pro and con for the conspira...

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    Nice overview of different conspiracies fake lunar landing, Illuminati, etc Nothing really new here though But like its title impliesit s a guide, not a comprehensive investigation I would recommend for anyone not familiar with basic theory and looking for a fairly objective summary.

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    Lots of information of different conspiracies that have been talked about by thousands of people all over the world, some news one that I have not heard about too.Really interesting read would be happy to recommend to everyone that has a interest in Conspiracies.

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