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Cafe吉祥寺で, 1The Staff At Cafe Kichijouji Are A Wacky Bunch When Five Guys Of Wildly Different Personalities Get Together, Every Day Is A Day Full Of Raucous Mayhem They Re The Source Of Continual Headaches For The Poor Cafe Master Who Oversees Them All From Disastrous Shopping Excursions To Dealing With Demonic Scone Batter, The Wackiness At The Cafe Never Ends Even The Most Menial Activities Are Fraught With Disaster And Weirdness When These Five Are Around Look Behind The Scenes At What No Customer Has Seen Before At The Cafe Kichijouji

[[ Download ]] ➹ Cafe吉祥寺で, 1 Author Kyōko Negishi – Lalaweek.us
  • Paperback
  • 154 pages
  • Cafe吉祥寺で, 1
  • Kyōko Negishi
  • English
  • 10 June 2019
  • 9781569709498

    10 thoughts on “[[ Download ]] ➹ Cafe吉祥寺で, 1 Author Kyōko Negishi – Lalaweek.us

  1. says:

    Cute, uncomplicated, and relatively pointless P Basically just about a cafe where five crazy dudes with nothing in common work and try to keep from killing each other It s totally episodic and nothing important happens, which was actually kind of nice No magic, no world saving, not even any epic romancejust day to day life for some normal people.I was sort of unsure about conti...

  2. says:

    While cute and well drawn, Caf lacks plot and humour Perhaps it s a translation issue, but many of the jokes fell flat, even with my being familiar with many of the tropes I thought the characters had potential but it all seems very uninspired Cute, mindless and ni...

  3. says:

    Mammamia, son passati undici anni da quando stata pubblicata questa serie Ero una cucciolotta all epoca.Non che mi fosse particolarmente piaciuta come storia, mi sembra che non andasse da nessuna parte Per mi piaceva il tono sepp...

  4. says:

    2.5 5

  5. says:

    This is an odd one You think its going to be a BL story, but it isn t its simply comedy sketches in the life of 5 very different young men who work in the same caf Its very episodic, random and utterly pointless In between each story there s an insane chibi bonus story of a couple of pages that is absolutely nuts and doesn t really relate to anything except that it featur...

  6. says:

    I love this manga It s a nice break from other serious plot heavy titles It s practically a sitcom in manga form so If you re looking for fun and cute characters, funny moments, and a light read I would recommend this

  7. says:

    Great book

  8. says:

    The writing and lack of a better plot line ruined what could have been a great manga The drawing was very good I could not finish it.

  9. says:

    Not a lot of plot If you like quirky characters interacting, this may be the title for you The cafe setting doesn t really play into it much.

  10. says:

    I picked this up thinking it was BL, and when it wasn t, didn t get dissapointed because it s awesomely funny anyway Nice light entertainment, with clean crisp art.

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