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Grimm Fairy Tales - Annual 02 (2008) Join Sela And Belinda As They Take A Little Cruise On The Titanic With Death As Their Shipmate, Things Get Interesting Long Before The Ill Fated Vessel Meets Its Icy Doom Come Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With These Two Favorite Fairy Tale Girls Four Classic Tales Are Retold With The Grimm Fairy Tales Spin While Revealing Secrets From Belinda And Sela S Past For The First Time.

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    Grimm Fairy Tales Not sure if this is the right review for this book, but its the Grimm Annual 2 I have Rip Van Winkle puts Sela back to bed After passing a Mary in the halls, he begins his tales to us.MARY MARY QUITE CONTRARYPLOT A good for nothing sailor seduces a young, voluptuous, woman by the name of Rose The next day she finds out she s been betrayed when she finds a picture of his wife So she decides to go back and hit em up style But when she tries to use the key to get to the case of gold the attic door opens So she decides to investigate and finds his wife up there, not seeing, not moving, and in a paralyzed state She decides that since he didn t put a ring on it she takes the initiative to do it herself and removes the wife s ring But then knock knock knock the police have come So she dips into a door that appears to be an ingrown garden But on closer inspection, it s all the chopped up bodies of the sailor s lovers and him We see the lady very much in her right mind come up behind Rose Next, we see her leaving on a ship asking someone to take care of her Lily MY THOUGHTS Groaning This one doesn t even have the common sense to put the picture of the wife away Nor does Lily who instead of just taking the money and getting the hell out of there, she has to be greedy BUT although the wife got it right and chopped his ass up, why the other lovers Lily didn t know about his skank ass I m...

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