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History of Ghenghis KhanGenghis Khan, Born Borjigin Tem Jin, Was The Founder, Khan Ruler And Khagan Emperor Of The Mongol Empire, Which Became The Largest Contiguous Empire In History After His Death He Came To Power By Uniting Many Of The Nomadic Tribes Of Northeast Asia After Founding The Mongol Empire And Being Proclaimed Genghis Khan , He Started The Mongol Invasions That Would Ultimately Result In The Conquest Of Most Of Eurasia These Included Raids Or Invasions Of The Kara Khitan Khanate, Caucasus, Khwarezmid Empire, Western Xia And Jin Dynasties These Campaigns Were Often Accompanied By Wholesale Massacres Of The Civilian Populations Especially In Khwarezmia By The End Of His Life, The Mongol Empire Occupied A Substantial Portion Of Central Asia And China Before Genghis Khan Died, He Assigned Gedei Khan As His Successor And Split His Empire Into Khanates Among His Sons And Grandsons 4 He Died In 1227 After Defeating The Western Xia He Was Buried In An Unmarked Grave Somewhere In Mongolia At An Unknown Location His Descendants Went On To Stretch The Mongol Empire Across Most Of Eurasia By Conquering And Or Creating Vassal States Out Of All Of Modern Day China, Korea, The Caucasus, Central Asian Countries, And Substantial Portions Of Modern Eastern Europe, Russia And The Middle East Many Of These Invasions Resulted In The Large Scale Slaughter Of Local Populations, Which Have Given Genghis Khan And His Empire A Fearsome Reputation In Local Histories.

[PDF] ↠ History of Ghenghis Khan Author Jacob Abbott – Lalaweek.us
  • Hardcover
  • 308 pages
  • History of Ghenghis Khan
  • Jacob Abbott
  • English
  • 14 March 2018
  • 9781781392478

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    one of the most amazing guys ever roamed earth a must read

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    This simply narrated history of Genghis Khan traces the life of the great conqueror, from being the son of a minor chieftain in Mongolia to becoming the ruler of arguably the largest empire in history The language is archaic, as it was published in the late nineteenth century The names of persons and pl...

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    Very readable.

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    Originally published in 1888, this book happens to be quite outdated Jacob Abbott wrote the series Makers Of History aiming at children as its primary audience Hence, it s also very simplistic the way it was written although this is not necessarily a bad thing.If you want to read an accurate biography of Genghis Khan go elsewhere I d even dare to say that the The His...

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    Great historical fiction

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    At last he became completely discouraged, and, after signal defeat which he met with from a detachment which had been sent against him by Genghis Khan, he went, with the few troops that remained together, to a strong fortress among the mountains, and told the governor that it seemed to him useless to continue the struggle any longer, and that he had come to shut himself up in the fortress, and abandon the contest in despair.The governor, however, told him that it was not right for a prince, the descendant of ancestors so illustrious as his, and the inheritor of so resplendent a crown, to yield to discouragement and despondency on account of the reverses of Pg 299 fortune He advis...

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    I listened to the audio version of this book A bit outdated understandably and far too detailed for my liking, but all in all an interesting read I would resort to modern sources for reliable info, though.

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    A basic outline of Genghis Khan s life Hardly any details talking about strategies, or emotions Bit judgey at times okay for a quick read.

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    Poorly written, no detail, no structure, no analysis.

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    Probably my first book on Genghis Khan.Informative sometimes.

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