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Furries Among Us Are They Human, Or Are They Beast Over The Past Several Decades, The World Has Seen A New Phenomenon On The Rise, A Group Of People Identifying As Furries They Have Appeared In The News And Popular TV Shows As Adults Wearing Fursuits And Participating In Sex Parties, But What Are They Really This Collection Of Essays On The Furry Fandom Reveals Furries Through Their Own Eyes, With Bestselling Novelist Kyell Gold, Award Winning Artist Rukis, The International Anthropomorphic Research Project, And So Many , Covering Topics From Anthropomorphic Art To Fursuiting To Conventions And The Psychology Behind Furries Some Of The Essays Are Comical And Playful, While Others Are Serious And Academic On The One Paw, This Is A Work For Non Furries To Get A Glimpse Into The Anthropomorphic World On The Other, This Is A Chance For Furries To Hear From Many Of Their Favorite Furries Celebrities.

[EPUB] ✿ Furries Among Us  ❄ Thurston Howl – Lalaweek.us
  • Paperback
  • 178 pages
  • Furries Among Us
  • Thurston Howl
  • English
  • 08 October 2018
  • 9780990890263

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    It s been my week for reading uneven books In this case, it s totally to be expected and forgiven since the book s about collecting different points of view.Kyell Gold misspelled on the back cover is probably the best Furry invention since I recovered enough to rejoin the Fandom So, it was fun and educational to read, especially the point about Furry having a lot of adult titles and yet many of these adult labels are slapped on with an ease and zeal that wouldn t exist for the same scenes and issues in the mainstream market.It explains my ongoing headbutting with my fellow Metamor Keep writers My PG 13 is not their PG 13 it often seems.I was a little let down by Fred Patten s chapter The Furry Publishing history was just that and gave me a lot of information I happen to think Fred himself, and his fan activities in particular, is i...

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    I really enjoyed this book In addition to several accounts of the furry fandom from actual furries, there are several academic papers from professional psychologists who give a scientific explanation of the fandom Most media portrays furries in a ne...

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    Better than expected, a reasonable look at the community.

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    A good and refreshing look at the fandom Good enough that I bought book two

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    This was a very excellent book about the furry genre containing a multitude of essays from various members of this unique niche of society I know many folks who partake and was glad to see this modern take on this frequently misunderstood genre that many may still see as part of the nerd and geek w...

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