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The FoldA Brilliantly Twisty, Turny Supernatural Mystery From The Author Of The Ex Heroes SeriesThe Folks In Mike Erikson S Small New England Town Would Say He S Just Your Average, Everyday Guy And That S Exactly How Mike Likes It Sure, The Life He S Chosen Isn T Much Of A Challenge To Someone With His Unique Gifts, But He S Content With His Quiet And Peaceful Existence.That Is, Until An Old Friend Presents Him With An Irresistible Mystery, One That Mike Is Uniquely Qualified To Solve Far Out In The California Desert, A Team Of DARPA Scientists Has Invented A Device They Affectionately Call The Albuquerque Door Using A Cryptic Computer Equation And Magnetic Fields To Fold Dimensions, It Shrinks Distances So That A Traveler Can Travel Hundreds Of Feet With A Single Step.The Invention Promises To Make Mankind S Dreams Of Teleportation A Reality And, The Scientists Insist, Traveling Through The Door Is Completely Safe Yet Evidence Is Mounting That This Miraculous Machine Isn T Quite What It Seems And That Its Creators Are Harboring A Dangerous Secret.As His Investigations Draw Him Deeper Into The Puzzle, Mike Begins To Fear There S Only One Answer That Makes Sense And If He S Right, It May Only Be A Matter Of Time Before The Project Destroys Everything.A Cunningly Inventive Mystery Featuring A Hero Worthy Of Sherlock Holmes And A Terrifying Final Twist You Ll Never See Coming, The Fold Is That Rarest Of Things A Genuinely Page Turning Science Fiction Thriller.

!!> PDF ⚡ The Fold ✎ Author Peter Clines – Lalaweek.us
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • The Fold
  • Peter Clines
  • English
  • 03 March 2019
  • 9780553447477

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    Mike s a small town teacher He just wants a normal life The thing is Mike has a gift curse secret He has an eidetic memory Calm down Reid fangirls He looks like this His memory skills are super charged The guy is a walking computer He sees it in his head as ants moving information around I don t think I want any ants in my head but this part of the book had me hooked.Then his friend who heads some government agency or such wants him into his organization Why To go out and objectively look into an expensive project that he is funding The project These guys have set up a Fold that lets you transport teleport to another place So very cool And very sciency I like I started reading this book yesterday and I was hooked The writing was so good and it kept my attention Then my husband decides we need to go to the grocery store He mumbled something about needing to eat instead of read all...

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    The first 260 pages of this book are easily 4.5 5 stars The last 100are not Maybe 3.5 stars in the end Must ponder further and fight the disappointment that is all the crushing because the first 2 3 of this book was so brilliant.

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    September 10, 2018 This book is on sale at 1.99 today I wouldn t buy it if I were you, but hey, it s your life and your money, and you are supposedly free to waste both as you please so be my guest and stuff You are quite welcome To my dear friends who were silly enough to give this book 4 and 5 star ratings I love you Despite your spectacular lack of judgement This book in two words mediocre and juvenile Yes, this is officially the worst Science Fiction book I have ever read The only thing I liked about it The premise And to be honest, I m not even sure why I m giving this two stars when it doesn t deserve than one This has to be the stupidest, most ridiculous, most uninteresting SF story ever written and a disgrace to the genre Am I being too harsh Maybe But you know what I don t care Because this is a total travesty And a badly written, juvenile one at that This book right here is the perfect script for one of those crappy sci fi series you see on TV And I wouldn t be surprised if it was made into one of those brainless Hollywood blockbusters fingers start itching fingers start hovering uncontrollably over the 1 star button What I liked less about this book Good question The characters The story Both I m not sure actually Let s see what we have here Meet Mike Mike is an uber genius Mike s IQ would make Stephen Hawking feel like a total nitwit Mike is super cool Mike look...

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    Adult science fictionI read this book very quickly always a sign that I liked it The story moves along at a brisk pace The mystery keeps unfolding in increasingly bizarre new layers A team of scientists discovers a way to teleport matter between two rings very much like Stargate, though early on we are warned not to make that comparison, because the scientists hate it The only problem The team is secretive about how the technology works, and why they insist on testing it for another year before publically announcing the breakthrough Strange things begin to happen People from the team start behaving in odd ways At first, it s nothing big, but still the powers that be ask Mike Erikson, a man with a perfect memory, to visit the facility and find out what the team is hiding before ruling on whether or not to extend funding Things get weird and dangerous very quickly.This book is sort of the opposite of All The Light We Cannot See Read The Fold for the plot, not the writing The prose is workmanlike and gets the job done, but don t expect evocative descriptions or nuanced characterization Sometimes the writing gets in the way, at least it did for me For instance, the author uses the pacing mechanism A moment passed so often that it became unintentionally funny I was reminded of the old Monty Python sketch A moment passed Another moment passed Then, suddenly, another moment that seemed like the same moment but...

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    This SF techno thriller isn t perfect but I really liked the concept and the brilliant main character.This was a fun one Leland Erikson, called Mike for an intriguing reason that I won t spoil for you, is a high school English teacher He has a genius level IQ as well as an eidetic photographic memory, but he wants to live a normal life, so he takes only low profile jobs Mike s quiet life is periodically invaded by his old friend, Reggie Magnus, who now works for the government and is keen to get Mike to take on various high tech projects for him But Mike has never before been tempted to interrupt his small town life to agree to Reggie s pleas Reggie manages to rope him into this latest one, though There s a top secret project called the Albuquerque Door an instant teleportation device developed by a small group of scientists, who are receiving millions in government funding but are stubbornly insisting on keeping their science behind their device completely secret, even from their government funders And Reggie can t shake the feeling that there s a problem with this project You know when you re in a rush and you put a T shirt on backward Even if there s no tag in it, you don t have to look in the mirror to know it s on wrong You can just feel it That s a...

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    When DARPA scientists create a wormhole device in the California desert, why is New England schoolteacher Mike Erikson tapped to investigate the installation Because Mike Erikson has an eidetic memory and is one of the smartest people on the planet Can Mike find out what s really going on at the installation despite the secretive scientists I got this from Netgalley.On paper, this book sounded right up my alley What s not to like about Sherlock monkeying about with some kind of wormhole device Still, I have a mountain of unread books lying around the Dan Cave However, after having a few fellow reviewers gush over this, I had to take a closer look Fortunately, it was still up on Netgalley and I was happy to take the plunge.The Albequerque Door, named after a Bugs Bunny episode, folds space to transport people and objects between two gates in an instant Or does it Mike feels a sense of wrongness when he arrives and things get wronger by the moment I had a pretty good idea what was happening but it was still a delightful ride getting there.The ride started slow, like pretty much every time I have to ride somewhere with my parents these days However, Mike Erikson was interesting enough to keep me hooked until the really crazy stuff started happening I rarely say this about science fiction and fantasy books but I dearly hope this is the first boo...

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    Oy vey, what can I say This book was no bueno With such an intriguing premise and lead, the final product feels like so much wasted potential Especially considering how much I love science fiction it s one of my favorite genres Well, to clarify, I love smart science fiction, but what you have here is one the most brilliant minds on the planet analyzing a tricky situation, then implementing some of the most maddeningly idiotic and ill considered strategies imaginable And isn t it ironic don t you think Mike Erikson is an uber genius with unparalleled mental capabilities and an eidetic memory Everything he s ever seen or heard gets locked away in that amazing mind forever and can be recalled instantaneously with perfect clarity That s a pretty handy party trick, but, unfortunately, he s not been putting that God given talent to good use An old college buddy has repeatedly attempted to recruit him into various DARPA projects all of which he s respectfully declined, until now The Albuquerque Door is the name of a super secret government project which is about to change the world of travel forever A group of scientists have developed a technology which allows a machine to fold the very fabric of space time and connect any two distant points and cross that span in a single step New York to Paris, one step Huston to Mars, one...

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    Kindle Daily Deal 11Apr18 1.994.5 Quantum Donut StarsBuddy Reading with Athena Shardbearer , Gavin, Armina, Kerry, Lege and Figgyat Buddies Books and BaublesMaybe you are like me and one of the few people who have read 14 by Peter Clines that is a friends review attached because my review for 14 sucks and so you too knew a little bit about the direction this book was going to go OR maybe you, like almost all my other friends on Goodreads have never even heard of 14 I m going to say that it doesn t matter because even having read 14 and knowing a little about where the Albuquerque Door would eventually take the story I didn t get how it worked until it was explained and if I d never read 14 I think I would have liked everything in this story just as much.If you are looking for a book with some fantastic wtf ery in it look no further The Fold should fit the bill If you have read anything by Peter Clines before then you know he has this great blend of humor, pop culture and J.J Abrams ness, yes that is a thing, to him that make his stories this colleague akin to LOST Fringe Ready Player One Legion Scooby Doo with a smidge of Sliders and it totally works.The actual story of this is p...

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    Mike Erikson might be the smartest person on Earth, but he s content to use his high IQ and eidetic memory as a small town school teacher However, his friend Reggie is a big deal at DARPA and has been trying to hire Mike for years, and now he finally finds a job that Mike can t resist because of its groundbreaking nature DARPA has been funding a top secret project called the Albuquerque Door in which a small group of scientists have successfully been able to fold space time so that a long distance could be traveled by a person taking a single step The scientists claim that the Door is working perfectly but want testing, and they have insisted on not providing any of the work behind their discovery until it s ready to be taken public Reggie thinks that there s something not quite right with the project and sends Mike out to investigate in the hopes that he can use his unique talents to sniff out what s wrong Is it just me or does an Albuquerque Door sound like the kind of thing you d be scared to look up on Urban Dictionary at work I m tempted to say that this is like Sherlock Holmes showing up on an episode of Fringe, but Mike is a lot nicer than Sherlock and there isn t a cow in the lab Mike himself ...

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    Find all of my reviews at reading Ron 2.0 s review I had no plans on reading The Fold, but then Ed loooooooved it so I just assumed Ron 2.0 read it wrong per usual and this little baby went back on the TBR But THEN Then Shelby agreed with Ron 2.0 and if you are familiar with them you ll know that never happens I figured that meant the apocalypse was nigh and I had to make sure I had some stuff taken care of before I read it Alright so here s the deal Mike Erikson lives the life of an Average Joe, teaching at a small high school in New England Mike s brain, however, is anything but average Mike chose the simple life rather than cashing in on his smarts but when an old friend comes asking for a favor his curiosity makes it become an offer he can t refuse What s the favor Travel across the country to find out as much as he can about a project that has been affectionately nicknamed the Albuquerque Door If you don t get that reference, you may have had a terrible childhood The project teleportation, for those of you not familiar with the left turn imagery above appears to be successful, but everything other than the results have fallen under a trade secret umbrella and therefore have been allowed to remain under wraps Using the little marching ants who file every minor detail away in the recesses of Mike s brain Get it Dave Matthews Ants Marching Hilariou...

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