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Stepbro WHY DOES MY STEPBROTHER HAVE TO BE SUCH AN A HOLE Kate Abel Is So Cocky And Arrogant That He Thinks He Can Control My Life But He Doesn T Own Me I Already Have A Boyfriend And I Don T Need Abel Breathing Down My Neck Every Second So Why Can T I Stop Thinking About Him Abel After Conquering A Sea Of Women, I Still Can T Get Kate Out Of My Head She S The Ultimate Conquest I D Do Anything To Protect Her Even If It Means Getting My Fists Bloody.

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    I m sorry to have to rate this so low but to be fair in reviewing all the books I rate I have to be honest here.The idea of this book was great and this genre is very big at the moment but nothing about this worked for me It would help if it was edited but aside from that there was li...

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