BOOKS ✯ Early Settlers of the Bahamas and Colonists of North America Author A. Talbot Bethell –

Early Settlers of the Bahamas and Colonists of North America In Writing An Account Of The Early Settlers I Have Found It Somewhat Impracticable To Trace In Detail The Gradual Growth And Development Of These Historic Islands Documents Relating To The Early History Of The Colony Are Few, And Those Few We Have Are Defective And So Time Worn That They Have Become Well Nigh Illegible In The Early Days Of The Colony, Documents Were Evidently Not Carefully Preserved, And Some Were Undoubtedly Lost During The Disturbances Caused By Unwelcomed Visits Of Pirates And Spaniards Great Importance Is Attached To The Names Of The Early Settlers, A Number Of Whom Came Direct From The Mother Country, Others From Bermuda And South Carolina About The Middle Of The 17th Century In The 18th Century The Islands Became Historical By The Loyalists Coming From Various American Colonies The Spaniards Occupied The Islands Several Times After They Were Settled, But Only For Short Periods The Inhabitants Were Frequently Attacked By Pirates Who Were Finally Driven Off With The Assistance Of Volunteers From Harbour Island And Eleuthera The Dreadful Hardships Endured By The Early Settlers, The Lawless And Merciless Crimes Perpetrated By The Pirates, Present A Ghastly Picture Of Human Existence In Those Times Yet The Hands Of The Settlers Were Not Folded They Stood Firmly Upon The Ground On Which Their Feet Were Planted And Shaped A Colony Much The Same Conditions Prevailed In Connection With The Early Colonists Of America They Were Discouraged On Every Hand Before A Gleam Of Hope Of Their Triumphant Colonization Was Manifested To Them They Persevered Under The Strength Of The Religion Brought To The Western Continent By The Pilgrim Fathers, And Upon That Foundation The American People Now And Wall Ever Stand A.T.B This Classic Includes The Following Chapters I History Of The New World II A Brief Account Of The American Revolution III Early History Of Bahamas IV Eleuthera V The Account Of The Loyalists Who Fled From East Florida Shortly After The American Revolution And Came To The Bahamas VI Public Services And General Information VII Governors Of The Bahamas, From 1671 1937 VIII Distinguished Personages IX Biographies Of The Descendants Of The Early Settlers, Loyalists, And Other Inhabitants

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