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At the Center At The Center Is About The Dangers Of Secrets, The Power Of Belonging And How Much Bravery It Takes To Finally Close The Distance Between Who We Pretend To Be And Who We Really Are.The Stories Of Two Seven Year Old Boys In At The Center Are Intertwined With The Secrets And Personal Demons Of The Families And The Foster Care And Social Workers That Shape Their Lives From The Stark Poverty Of American Indian Reservations To The Hidden Dangers Of Affluent Suburbia, Two People Unlock The Mysteries Of Their Own Pasts In Order To Bring A Killer To Justice.

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    At the Center by Dorothy Van Soest is a novel that insinuates itself in your heart from the first sentence, and it just does not let go And neither will you be able to let go of the book Be forewarned Once you start reading this book, you will not be able to put it down.Anthony and it is Anthony, not Tony Anthony Little Eagle is at the center of the book, but so too is Jamie, and very quickly so too are Sylvia Jenson and J B Harrell Sylvia, a social worker and J B, an investigative reporter work together to claim justice for Anthony Little Eagle s death Each character in the book is deeply flawed, and profoundly human and humane These are people you immediately care about These are people whose side you are on, people who make mistakes and suffer for them people who go on anyway These are people who will come alive for you as you read At the Center is a well told story, with an engaging plotline with just enough twists and turns to keep you turning the ...

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    I ve read two other novels by Dorothy Van Soest and loved them all This one was masterful, however, in that the author has artfully used the mystery format to take on a serious issue in our culture The story starts off with the investigation of a small child s death and takes us into the belly of the beast, as it were a broken foster care system Rich, complex, sympathetic characters, and a compelling story line pull us along as any great story does It s a story that raises our hackles, breaks our hearts, and has us cheering on the flawed heroine whose search for solutions and justice are woven through several generations If you re a person who demands substance and depth, along with great storytelling, you ll find this a deeply satisfying book I love good mysteries but the ones I like best are those written by authors who have the courage to take on social issues that are real This author s authenticity and knowledge of the area she s writing about comes out of a lifetime of her work ...

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    AT THE CENTER by Dorothy Van Soest This is written as a kind of who dun it, with a surprising topic, the death murder of a foster child Based on years as a successful social worker, educator, administrator, Van Soest lays out the way social work offices work or don t It s also a tour of our times, presenting people who made choices in the past a white woman active in the American Indian Movement a child passed from family to family, with not enough explanation nor follow up, people who prey on open spots in our culture and social systems, people who ignore those who pr...

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    5 stars I could not put it down once I started reading I cried for the foster family and wished a shared custody could have been achieved.This book shines a light into the dark corners of Foster Care system and the often tragic results of careless placement and lack of concern for each individual child caught up in this web Too many rules that are made to help actually end up causing damage Child rearing is not a job or a money m...

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    I won this book as a Goodreads Giveaway What a wonderful book it was I enjoyed the 2 separate settings and how they were linked together The characters were believable and I felt caught up in their stories I would recommend this book to others who like realistic mysteries.

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    I received the book At the Center from Goodreads for an honest review My thanks to Apprentice House and to Dorothy Van Soest.The title of this book couldn t have been appropriate in regard to the subject matter of Foster Care in the United States Americans talk a good talk that our children should always be at the front and at the center of all things when it comes to their safety and to their well being And yet, our eyes shift from that focus and avoid the deep responsibility on all sides of the equation in Foster Care Children live on the peripheral and are the very victims of a convaluted system.Ms Van Soest does an incredible job with this subject matter She blends the workings, the missteps, and the heavy bureaucracies into the telling of this tragic story She brings her stellar background to the fore in order to weave the good, the evil, and the flaws of the human experience into a heartpounding reveal of a system gone wrong We are privy to the backstories of her characters along with the parallel of a time period revisited for clarity And it all works together seamlessly to present...

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    Another great novel by Dorothy VanSoest She takes us on two intertwining stories and blends them well Her knowledge if intercultural differences and the field of social work brings reality to a murder mystery We are enlightened along the journey and surprised by the twists and turns th...

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    This is a compelling story and a definite page turner even though I could sometimes see things coming.

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