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Lessons in Classical Painting A Companion Volume To Lessons In Classical Drawing And An Atelier In Book Form,Lessons In Classical Painting Breaks Down The Foundational Skills And Techniques Of Painting In A Format That Is Accessible And Manageable For All Readers With The Same Direct, Easy To Follow Approach Of Juliette Aristides S Previous Books, Lessons In Classical Painting Presents Aspiring Artists With The Fundamental Skills And Tools Needed To Master Painting In The Atelier Style With Than 25 Years Of Experience In Ateliers And As An Art Instructor, Aristides Pairs Personal Examples And Insights With Theory, Assignments And Demonstrations For Readers, Discussions Of Technical Issues, And Inspirational Quotes After Taking A Bird S Eye Look At Painting As A Whole, Aristides Breaks Down Painting Into Big Picture Topics Like Grisaille, Temperature, And Color, Demonstrating How These Key Subjects Can Be Applied By All Painters From The Hardcover Edition.

[PDF] Lessons in Classical Painting  By Juliette Aristides – Lalaweek.us
  • ebook
  • 248 pages
  • Lessons in Classical Painting
  • Juliette Aristides
  • 08 October 2019
  • 9781607747901

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    Excellent This thought provoking and inspirational book contains invaluable methods for painting in oils I have implemented these into my work and have been delighted with the results The lessons are by example, the instruction informative whilst keeping discussion to the essentials There is plent...

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    A helpful book on oil painting practice

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    Note This book was provided free of charge by Blogging For Books Waton Guptil Publications in exchange for an honest review Admittedly, I am not the ideal audience for this book in at least one major respect, for although I greatly enjoy art and art history and art criticism 1 , my own skills in visual media like painting are nearly non existent That said, this book is a fantastic piece of educational writing from an artist for those who wish to practice the sort of art education that comes from learning in an atelier, or studio, although they lack a master to train them Even for those who are not artists, though, this book has a lot to offer, largely because it happens to be written from the approach of someone who struggled at art, and who has a deep belief in the spiritual nature of art, all of which makes for a compelling book that is of interest to readers even if their own interest in art is marginal at best Besides this, the book is full of intriguing quotes that are immensely thought provoking and that apply far outside of the art world as well.The contents of this book are focused, as would be expected on the practical side of art There are four chapters to the book, each of them focusing on a different aspect of art learning the importance of gray in value patterns, using form painting to combine the senses of touch and sight, using temperature to unlock the secrets of color, and using the palette of nature to master the nature of ...

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    Lessons in Classical Painting contained foundational lessons for painting in the atelier style This isn t for absolute beginners since the author assumed you have done some painting and doesn t cover equipment basics Rather, it s a series of lessons that build on each other to improve your painting.The author talked about a topic then provided a lesson or two to help you learn and apply that principle She d tell you the goal of the lesson and how to choose a subject rather than assume you ll do the exact same painting that s in the demonstration This allows you to practice the lesson than once if you wish and to pick a topic you ll enjoy painting I really appreciated this This is the only painting book I ve ever read where I decided to do every single lesson in the book.The paintings used as illustrations ranged from the old masters to works by the author and many other current artists Nearly every painting was a lesson in itself or illustrated a point in the text The topics that she covered included really looking, basic shapes and the values that create an object, how to organize a scene, under painting, monotone paintings, light as a way to reveal form and create a mood, working with a limited palette, colo...

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    Good basic instruction here in increments that if followed will help just about anyone improve their skills For the advanced that have hit a snag this would be a good review to work through just to check your technique for the little things that matter Each chapter talks the reader through the lesson and gives progressive pictures to show what the words cannot convey Talk about lighting and shadows all you want, but a picture gives me that aha moment where all the words come to make sense Each lesson builds on the previous one which for the impatient sorts will chafe considerably But that s way forward in art it seems Planning and planning to get the right light, colors, and form will become part of the routine Value strips abound Tedious stuff, but trial and error uses time and product Of course, I have never done that, but have heard from others who have Follow this book to its conclusion you will improve Yes, this sort of instruction is available in other places and formats The other versions might work better for your particular learning style For those o...

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    One thing you may not know about me is that I love to paint When I was younger I used to draw all the time I would pick up a paintbrush and would feel too intimidated to actually paint anything Just in the last few years I have learned to really love painting I d say it s a pretty good tie to reading When I saw this book on the list of choices to review I knew it was the one for me I have enjoyed leaning new techniques and practicing the diffe...

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    This book is my new go to studio book for sure I love the eloquent writing of the style of the author Brilliant artworks sprawl throughout the pages along with quotes to inspire and encourage The author, Juliette Aristides, gives the reading several different projects to go about painting throughout the book, each one building on the last Learning classical techniques of underpainting through the use of color and master studies This book should be in every single studio I r...

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