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Just You and MeLittle Goosey And Big Gander Goose Are Out Walking By The River When A Storm Approaches, They Must Find A Warm, Dry Place To Shelter Them But Other Small Animals Have Claimed Each Of The Nooks And Crannies They Try, And Little Goosey Doesn T Want To Hide With Anyone Else But Big Gander Goose.Small Children Will Know Just How Little Goosey Feels And Be Comforted By Big Gander Goose S Understanding Approach.

[Ebook] Just You and Me By Sam McBratney – Lalaweek.us
  • Unknown Binding
  • 32 pages
  • Just You and Me
  • Sam McBratney
  • 11 January 2019
  • 9780590516594

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    This fantasy book was about a little good and a big goose who were looking for shelter during a storm They wanted to be together, just the two of them, but they ended up taking shelter with several other animals After the storm passed, they went back to the river just the two of them.

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    Published 1998This fantasy book is about a big goose who watches over a little goose while they are trying to get away and safe before a big storm comes, but the little goose doesn t want to be with anyone else besides the big goose.

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    I liked this book One of my young co readers aged 3 asked what a Gander was and seemed quite challenged by a male parent carer for the protagonist I loved that the genders of the characters were pretty equally spread and not linked to particular qualities or stereotypes I fet gander was a bit rude to all the animals about the homes they had chosen and that the little protagonist was a bit spoilt and inconsiderate in how she expressed herself but that is nitpi...

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    This is a book about a duck and his parent, who just want to hide from the storm together The little duck wants to be alone with the parent The duck is scared of the storm They go all through the forest trying to find the perfect hiding place.

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    This book is a cute story about a mother and baby duck s encounters when trying to find the perfect place to keep them safe from a storm that is quickly approaching This reminds me of a similar book in the past, but the characters are a different type of animal.

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    An AWESOME children s book I still read it, and it makes me cry

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    cozy celebration of grandparent relationships and special time for each child nice handling of how children may enjoy looking back on their baby selves.

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    Good illustrations, cute story not nearly as endearing as Guess How Much I Love You.

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    One of my daughter s favorite books when she was younger We read it just about every night for months She still remembers it.

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