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Woman Redeemed Raised A Mormon In The Rocky Mountains Of Provo, Utah, Diana Kline Provides A Harrowing Portrayal Of Her Life As A Woman Who Grew Up Betrayed By Those Who Were Supposed To Protect Her But Refused To Listen To Her Pain Within The Confines Of A Strict Religious System Which Demanded Perfection At All Costs, Diana Used Her Gift Of Music As A Refuge In Which To Gather Strength Through The Disturbing Trauma She Experiences, Including Her Life Threatening Battle With An Eating Disorder, Severe Depression, Suicide Attempts, A Dissociative Disorder, And Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, All Of Which She Was Hospitalized For Multiple Times With The Help Of Many Skilled Mental Health Professionals, She Works Tirelessly To Overcome These Inner Demons, And Restore The Wholeness She Once Had That Was Shattered As A Child By Her Abusers In Exquisite Prose, And Throughout The Process Of Recovery, She Finds The Courage To Leave The Mormon Church Behind Forever, And Conquer The Self Destructive Behaviors That Have Held Her Captive For So Many Years, Thus Accelerating Her Towards Healing This Intriguing Memoir Of Music, Abuse, Mormonism, Sexuality, And Mental Illness Is Sure To Reach Out To Those Suffering From Similar Plights Who Are In Need Of A Honest Yet Comforting Voice Poetically Written, Woman Redeemed Is A Moving Account Of One Woman S Determination To Never Give Up, Despite Insurmountable Odds.

[PDF] ✑ Woman Redeemed  Author Diana Kline – Lalaweek.us
  • Paperback
  • 248 pages
  • Woman Redeemed
  • Diana Kline
  • English
  • 09 April 2019
  • 1420821814

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