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Poetry of Love Winner Of The 2017 IAN Book Of The Year Poetry Finalist Award I Had Been Searching For Love My Whole Life It Took The Opening Up Of The World Via Technology For Me To Find My Soulmate Once I Laid Eyes On Her, At The Arrivals Gate, I Knew I Was Never Going To Let Her Go The Following Is A Collection Of Poems I Wrote To My Angel, From Our First Meeting Up Until Our Wedding Day I Was Working Crazy Hours As A Chef And I Had A Long Commute I Chose My Commuting Time To Pen Her A Poem Each Day These Poems Speak Of Our Life, Our Challenges And Our Growth Togetherin Every Aspect They Speak Of Our Love.May This Book Give Someone The Courage To Let Their Special Someone Know How Much They Care For Them And How Much They Mean To Them Saying I Love You Is A Gift You Can Give Many Times A Day.

!!> Reading ➽ Poetry of Love  ➶ Author N.N. Light – Lalaweek.us
  • Paperback
  • 122 pages
  • Poetry of Love
  • N.N. Light
  • English
  • 22 November 2017
  • 9781537641706

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    This is a collection of over 100 deeply personal love poems that Ken Mr N wrote to Joelle Mrs N in the years before they were married Some take up a whole page, and some are only a couple lines, but all of them convey the inner feelings and utmost thoughts of the author towards his soon to be bride My favorite poems in this book were What You Mean to Me , When Souls Unite , Dreams , Life s Simple Pleasures , The Light of Love , Thirty One Days , Curveballs , and On My Wedding Day Wedding Vows This is an example of the from the heart beauty of these poems Curveballs Life keeps pitching them Sometimes I feel like giving up But you re always there with me To keep me going Encouraging me to never stop Always there to help me To keep a smile on my face You make the walk through life so good You re the one I could never replace While not all of the poems in this book may be good...

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    What a touching book of love The poetry is heartfelt and full of love Each one shows how much he was looking forward to his future with her The poems are in freestyle and are direct from the heart A must read for fans of love It will make you jealous that your husband to be didn t write...

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    I was worried about reading poetry in e book form Would the formatting work Would it be too easy to flip through pages and not reflect upon the work But the story behind Poetry of Love The Engagement Year intrigued me Don t we all want a man to fall in love with us and write us a poem every day There s a short introduction with the background, but I would have liked or perhaps I should save loved information How did they initially meet How did the second meeting come about I m left with lots of questions.The poetry itself is easy to read A sort of beginner s guide to love poetry if you will It won t take you long to read through these love letters There s not a whole lot of struggle to the love in these poems Probably because it s the engagement year Maybe we should convince the writer to give us some poems about married life and its struggles I...

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    Let me start with a disclaimer English is not my native language and while I read exclusively in English for years, it was my first venture into poetry At the same time, I read a lot of poetry in high school and in college, well outside the school requirements I enjoyed it tremendously I wanted to delve into contemporary poetry and ended up with Poetry of love I was tremendously disappointed The only thing coming to my mind reading the poems was how simple the language is, how straight the stories I was looking for creative metaphors I can decipher, and everything was just stated straight and direct It felt like the poems, as full of love ...

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    I m far from a pro when it comes to poetry, but it would be impossible not to be touched by emotion when reading the pages in this book.The author takes us on a journey of discovery, from the first blush of passion to the fulfillment of an everlasting love.I enjoyed the almost journalistic quality of t...

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