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The Blueprint of a Badass Learn How To Become The Very Badass Everyone Wants To Be It Is Incredible The Number Of Limits That Human Beings Have In Our Minds And, In Most Cases, Are Limits Imposed By Ourselves Or Other People Who Make Us Believe That We Ain T A Thing, That We Re Losers Hence The Consequence Of Our Sufferings, Unhappiness, Failures, Etc Have You Ever Wondered Why You Keep Trying Over And Over Again To Improve Yourself Or, Specifically, Change Your Life To Become Someone That Can Be Rich, Successful, Cool And Well Received, Obtain True Happiness And Then These Efforts Just End Up In Vain And It S A Shame That Not Any Of The Outstanding Badass People Out There Could Just Appear In Front Of You Like A Genie To Show You The Way You Might Have Tried To Find Help, But Later On Realized That It Is Only Me And Myself Helping Each Other No Mentor, With No Results, No Motivation At All, Falling Off Track And Slowly Losing Purpose To Do Anything To Change Life For The Better Is There Something Wrong Many Causes And Explanations Can Be Found, But They Have Nothing To Do With The Real Solution The Only Answer We Are Looking For Certainly Everything You And I Are Undergoing Is Partly Because Of Our Faults NO, It S All About Not Having The Right Method, Ways To Implement Them Well, This Is The Guide For Dummies What To Expect In This Life Changing Guide This Book Has Ten Main Steps Based On My Personal Experiences And Of Many Others Who Have Gone Through A Lot, But Who Have Later Become Really Successful And Live A Kick Ass Life You Will Learn How To End The Limits Restraining Your True Self Through A Step By Step Simple Guide That Shows You Step 1 Knowing Yourself Secrets To Discover Your Potential Self Step 2 Looking At Your Life In A Perfect Mirror Ways To See The Silver Lining In Every Situation Step 3 Reborn Into This Life Find Out What You Truly Are Step 4 Design Yourself As You Desire How Badass Can Be Defined Step 5 Design Your World With Your Strengths Discover And Create Your Own Land Of Promise Step 6 Be Together With People Who Leave Traces, Not Scars And Let Yourself Be Automatically Pushed Forward Step 7 Sharpen Your 6th Sense Feel The Change In The Wind Step 8 Be The Actor Of Your Life, Not The Spectator Seize The Spotlight Step 9 Learn From Others And Refine Yourself To The Utmost Step 10 Celebrate Small Achievements Enjoy Life You Will Also Discover Why You CAN Completely Change After A Week, Even When You Feel Completely Helpless Also, If You Are One That Is Facing Problems In Life, As A Couple, Personally, With Work Or With Family This Is Precisely For You It S Time To Change Your Life For The Better It S Time To Create A New Version Of Yourself Today Let Yourself Be Reborn, Awaken, Get What You Deserve And Live A Fulfilled, Kick Ass Life Are You Ready To Change The Way You Live And Get What You Deserve Scroll Up Now And Click The Buy Button After You Have Gone Through This Guide, Please Leave A Review At This EBook S Page And Let Me Know What You Like About This Guide And What Could Be Improved Further.

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