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Kotlin Development for Beginners Learn The Basics Of Kotlin Development In This Easy To Follow Tutorial Book You Will Learn From The Ground Up How To Use Variables, Loops, Arrays And Even Take Input From A User You Can Be Inspired From The Code Examples To Create Your Own Programs And Games In This New Programming Language, Which Has Now Been Given First Class Status As A Programming Language For Android App Development Through The Course Of This Book You Will Learn The Building Blocks Of The Most Important Aspects Of The Kotlin Language, As Well As Seeing Real, Functional Code That You Can Use In Your Programs Whether You Are New To Programming Or A Master Of Java, You Will Gain Useful Knowledge And Experience Of Kotlin Development In This Book You Will Be Informed Of The Tools You Are Required To Use In Order To Program Along At Home, So You Can Get Hands On Quickly With Kotlin Code So, What Are You Waiting For It S Time To Start Programming In Kotlin Note Due To Indentation Of Code, And Length Of Some Blocks Of Code, You May Have To Adjust Your Font Size To View All Code Blocks On One Screen Interested In Learning How To Make Android Apps With Kotlin Check Out My Other Book Kotlin Development For Android Create Your Own App On

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    The book is just showing you basic syntax in hurry It s too simple for somebody who knows programming language and it wouldn t fit a beginner as it just doesn t explain the basic concepts as it should by its title.

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    Basic intro Statements, arrays, console i o.Little content but low price Not much different than what is easy to get from the internet Not for strong programmers.

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