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Sky Touched (Chaos and Retribution Book 2) As The Children Of Stone, Sea And Sky Struggle To Master Their Powers, The Inhuman Denizens Of The Abyss Begin To Move Despite His Efforts To Suppress It, The Power Of Stone Is Awakening In Fen The Power Is Wild And Implacable, And Fen Knows It Is Only A Matter Of Time Before Others Learn His Secret, And He Loses Everything Unless His Power Kills Him As It Killed His Father Meanwhile, Dark Practitioners With Unnatural Powers Have Arrived In Samkara, And The Fist Has Fallen Under Their Sway Aislin S Power Is Cold And Remote Like The Sea It Comes From The Strange Old Man She Meets In Qarath Might Be Able To Help Aislin Discover Her Humanity, But If He Can T The Whole City Could Be In Danger For Aislin Has Learned How To Summon Something Huge And Powerful From The Depths Of The Sea When A Ritual Goes Wrong Karliss Learns How Dangerous And Deadly His Power Can Be Now Karliss Has To Learn To Master His Power Without Succumbing To The Madness That Afflicts Those Who Get Too Close To The Power Of The Sky And He Has To Do It Before The Guardian Kasai Destroys His Clan Fans Of The Kingfountain Series By Jeff Wheeler Will Love This Series Sky Touched Is The Second Of Six Planned Volumes.

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    The second book in the epic series Chaos and Retribution by Eric T Knight, Sky Touched is just as great a read as the first book was The children Kerliss, Fen and Aislin are touched by the sky, stone and sea respectively and they are growing stronger in their powers even if still scared at what they do not understand and what singles them out within their communities and makes them different Kerliss seems to be really coping with his wind powers and harnessing the Ashanti to his will to protect his clan, Fen on the other hand though older than the other two children is still terrified of his power and scared that it will turn him to stone and kill him as it did his father before him and Aislin knows she can ask anything from the sea, it is her real mother but she is trying to come to grips with her human side and this is terrifying her...

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    Series Follows Three Characters, Two Out of Three Ain t BadSo Karliss s story is solid He is developing as a character, and has great supporting friends around him with their own personalities which contrast with his He learned his powers, searches for knowledge, and does interesting things Even Nergui, the wagon drivers, adds some dimension and contrast to his world Henta, his enemy on the tribal council, makes sense.Ihbarha, his old mentor, is dead, and so Karliss has to grow up quickly to take over Ihbarha s responsibilities to the tribe.Kasai starts to grow his presence, developing into an arch enemy that will span many stories before, hopefully, being overcome.Karliss develops his skills interacting with the aranti wind spirits They remain mysterious but are shown to be powerful and interesting The story shows Karliss being motivated, then putting in tireless effort doing his homework and developing his skills He undertakes a dangerous quest to learn of his power, and succeeds This supports his subsequent battles and demonstrations of growing power.The fighting between the tribe and Kasai s agents is well described, and dynamic A running battle, and changes in tactics, are well described The gray robed man arriving on the huge crow was mysterious and oozed power The struggle the tribe, Karliss and his friends faced and overcame was visceral.Fen s story is quite different He doesn t have a mentor who understands his pow...

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    When I started the first book in the Chaos and Retribution series, Stone Bound , I didn t realize it was a sequel to Immortality and Chaos So after reading the book, instead of continuing with Sky Touched I decided to read the earlier series first, as it obviously was all about the events that had led to what was happening to Karliss, Fen and Aislin in Stone Bound And it was the best decision I could have made at that time, as not only was Immortality and Chaos one of the best fantasy series I d read in the last few years, but also it gave me a deep understanding of the world in which the Chaos and Retribution series takes placeAnd now I m back to the adventures of Aislin, Karliss and Fen, and again, I can t recommend the book enough to anyone who loves great storytelling, complex characters and masterful world buildingIn Stone Bound we were left with the children only starting to discover their powers, now those powers are getting stronger every day And each of the kids has to learn to control theirs, otherwise they may destroy those they love instead of saving the world, as has been prophesizedKarliss, the most carefree of the three, in dramatic circumstances learns how to be responsible Fen discovers that to love means to trust Aislin the most mysterious of the children finally learns what it mea...

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    Eric T Knight continues to deliver an exciting read In Sky Touched , book 2 of the series Chaos and Retribution, we find the three children Karliss, Fen and Aislin maturing and growing in power Each child deals with growing up in their own way, and each child deals with their connection to their sphere of power in their own way Fen tries to hide his power and fears it Karliss at times fears it but but mainl...

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    A really good storyI thoroughly enjoyed this book The storyline is very good and the continued development of the main characters is well thought out The author shows incredible depth into the characters as they mature and learn to control their powers Very exciting.

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    This series is awesomeWhile usually jumping between different characters is disorienting , this series draws you in and makes you feel for each one You can t help but follow along as if you are on a boat just following the tide I love it and can t wait for the third.

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    Another good readAnother good read and instalment on the on going saga Good plot line Interesting characters and moves along a a rapid enough pace to not become too boring On to the next one

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    Yet again I am embroiled.I really get into all of the characters I relate am awfullot to Aislin I think we all might at some point Looking forward to the next in the serious.

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    Loved it Great continuation of the stories from the first book I m looking forward to seeing how they tie together I was lucky enough to receive an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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