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Through the Pentangle Twenty Narratives Comprising Novelettes, Novellas And Short Stories Interspersed With Poems, That May Amuse A Dreamer S Distant And Agile Mind There Are Tales Of Contact With The Inexplicable And Paranormal Can Fantasy And Reality Sometimes Merge Is It Wise To Tempt Fate Remember, The Three Beautiful Female Fates Are Fickle And Curious There Are Shapeshifters And Changelings Living Among Us That We Are Aware Of In The Insect World Are There Others Is Leaving An Open Window In Your Imagination, As Risky As Leaving A Window Open In Your Home Are Female Premonitions Of Impending Danger Astute Is It Wise To Take Your Attractive Wife Into The Peloponnese Mountains Of Greece During The Month Of Mulberries , Are Legends Based On Forgotten Truths, Does A Fourth Dimension Exist, Is There Life Beyond Death Are The Restless Souls Of Those Who Take Their Own Lives Bound To Linger At The Site Of Their Death Angry, And Vindictive Also Included Is An Extraordinary Story Of A Friendship Between A Young Girl And A Dangerous Wild Predator That Continues Into Adulthood Another Story Reveals Two Amazing And Shocking Secrets Buried Beneath The Hard Red Earth Of East Africa, Yet To Be Discovered By Anthropologists Escape To Pagan A True Story Of Human Survival In The Burmese Jungle During WW2 A Mother, Her Daughter Kate And Infant Son, Face Starvation, Dangerous Wildlife, Dacoits, Deadly Parasitical Infections And The Nipponese Invader Unknown To Kate, Her Husband Jack Of The Second Battalion Royal Scots, Lies Semi Conscious Shot Through The Head On Golden Hill Hong Kong He Is About To Be Beheaded Are We Humans Terasils Conceited Enough To Presume That We Are The Only Intelligent Life Forms In The Antares Cluster Made Up Of The Milky Way And Andromeda Galaxy We Must Remember, That Thousands Of Other Planets Suitable For Sustaining Life, Cooled Down Many Millions Of Years Before Earth Tarrea Two Giving Them The Technological Advantage Included Are Adult Fairy Tales And Science Fiction Once, When The Trees And Forests Were Many And Humans Few, Man Stayed Close To His Warm Hearth At Night For Fairies Were Bolder Then They Gained Their Power From The Living Trees, The Pristine Streams, Rivers And The Pure Air Once Pollution Griped The Land, The Fairies Lost Their Power And Hid Away In Lonely Places Until The Arrival Of The Small Alien Lings And Their Strange Hornet Queen After Seven Hundred Years, The Insect Queen Searched For A Young Human Female To Take Her Place.

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