★ Shaozhen (Through my Eyes Natural Disaster Zones, #2) PDF / Epub ✪ Author Wai Chim – Lalaweek.us

Shaozhen (Through my Eyes Natural Disaster Zones, #2) An Evocative And Compelling Story About One Boy Living Through The 2014 Drought In Henan, China.Shaozhen Has No Intention Of Staying In His Remote Henan Village And Becoming Another Poor Farmer He Ll Finish School, And Then, Hopefully, Work In A Factory In One Of The Major Cities, Just Like His Father But When Shaozhen Returns Home For The Summer Holidays, Imagining Days Filled With Nothing But Playing Basketball With His Friends, He S In For A Shock The Worst Drought In Over Sixty Years Threatens The Crops That The Entire Village Relies On For Income As The Water Situation Becomes Dire, Shaozhen Realises He Must Come Up With A Plan But Will It Be Enough To Save His Family And Friends And Secure The Future Of His Village

★ Shaozhen (Through my Eyes Natural Disaster Zones, #2)  PDF / Epub ✪ Author Wai Chim – Lalaweek.us
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Shaozhen (Through my Eyes Natural Disaster Zones, #2)
  • Wai Chim
  • English
  • 04 March 2019
  • 9781760113797

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    This is an excerpt of a review was originally published on my website Miss Jenny s ClassroomShaozhen is not the most studious of teenagers and thus when school finishes he can think of nothing better than no books for the duration of the holidays The holidays he planned however soon change when his mother announces that she is leaving the following day to take a job in the city with her husband This will leave Shaozhen in the care of his grandmother who feels he has been spoiled and indulged and she s determined that he will work and work hard As a farm worker Shaozhen soon realises that without rain the harvest will be ruined and without rain, and the wells and rivers all dry, it will become a fight for survival.At first I actually liked the character of Shaozhen he was a kid that most readers could connect with on some level whether it be their hopes, dreams, or lack of enthusiasm for school The problem was I couldn t connect with the character By page 100 I really didn t care and had to force myself to keep reading At times it felt the descriptive passages were too long and were holding back the story I don t mind description but once you ve got the scene set and cultural understanding there don t keep bogging down the story with details that aren t necessary.If ...

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    Part of an anthology series by different authors on surviving natural disasters, this is a decent story, if a little distant, and certainly ly lacking the charm of the Chook Chook series A fair read, but really lacking something, a spark.

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    Shaozhen has no intention of staying in his remote Henan village and becoming another poor farmer he ll finish school, and then, hopefully, work in a factory in one of the major cities, just like his father.But when Shaozhen returns home for the summer holidays, imagining days filled with nothing but playing basketball with his friends, he s in for a shock.The worst dro...

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