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Dark Dawn over Steep House (The Gower Street Detective, #5) London, 1884 125 Gower Street, The Residence Of Sidney Grice, London S Foremost Personal Detective, And His Ward March Middleton, Is At Peace.Midnight Discussions Between The Great Man And His Charge Have Led To A Harmony Unseen In These Hallowed Halls Since The Great Frog Disaster Of 1878.But Harmony Cannot Last For Long A Knock On The Door Brings Mystery And Murder Once To Their Home A Mystery That Involves A Prussian Count, Two Damsels In Distress, A Chinaman From Wales, A Gangster Looking For Love And The Shadowy Ruin Of A Once Loved Family Home, Steep House

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    To read all my book reviews plus author interviews and book excerpts, visit my blog ve been aware of this series for some time especially their gorgeous covers but never got around to reading one although I m a great fan of historical mysteries Therefore, I was delighted to be given the opportunity by Clare at Head of Zeus to read the latest in the series, Dark Dawn over Steep House Having done so, I ve now added all four of the previous books in the series to my wishlist The story is narrated by March Middleton, goddaughter of Sidney Grice March also acts as chronicler of Grice s cases in the manner of Dr John Watson for Sherlock Holmes In fact, Grice holds a similarly low opinion of March s literary efforts as does Holmes of Watson s Grice has the peculiar mannerisms, pedantic mode of speech and keen powers of observation and deduction worthy of his fictional counterpart He is also socially inept, rude, possesses odd phobias and is apt to pounce on any lazy use of figurative speech However, he is also the ma...

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    Sometimes a writer appears to pay attention to reader criticisms, as in this case The previous book in this series had been so flawed by over the top writing that even now I would say one could skip it entirely and not miss much This story brings the series back on track While March is technically Grice s assistant, here he serves as an advisor on a case of hers Tough to say without going into spoiler territory, but the latter part of book becomes very dark indeed The villain turns out to be even sadistic than expected, with a particularly gory final climax scene that was a bit tough for me to take in audio format I will say that it s important for the reader to be aware that March and Grice do...

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    This book nearly broke me, the ending truly devastated me but it was so good This series keeps getting better and I can t wait for

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    Implied spoilers Reluctantly, I must give this five stars It is so well written One of the best in Kasasian s series, but I just finished and my heart remains broken That state is how March ends the book, and I m right ...

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    Some of these are better than others and this one, I think, is one of the weaker ones Grice is just as pedantic, grumpy and rude as ever but the humour in it is starting to wear thin And March just never seems to learn The story meanders, the plot is confusing, and...

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    I love this series and have to agree with some other reviewers it is definitely getting darker Kasasian writes so well that the reader becomes totally immersed in gloomy Victorian London and all of its colourful characters.I am desperately hoping that there will be a volume 6.

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    I was introduced to this series a couple of years ago by one of Deanna Raybourn s blog posts I have absolutely loved reading it I can see why Raybourn would recommend these books March Middleton could have been one of her heroines March is a sassy, unconventional Victorian woman, whose secret smoking and drinking binges are actually her way of coping with tragic events in her past Sidney Grice is so fastidiously annoying that it s hard not to love him His investigations with March get so twisted you don t know which way is up until the final scene when the brilliant Mr G pieces all the clues together They feel like the literary equivalent of an Edward Gorey print Book 4, The Secrets of Gaslight Lane, was so over the top, I barely remember anything about the plot view spoile...

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    I have enjoyed all the Sydney Grice books He is, by his own definition, THE best personal detective.Dirty, grimy, violent London is once again put under the microscope when Grice is charged to find a missing daughter and a serial, sadistic rapist.His goddaughter March Middleton is, as ever, his willing, if somewhat misguided, assistant March has heart than Grice and because of that finds herself, if not part of the problem, then making the problem worse But she is clever and loving and even Sydney Grice relies on her intelligence and understanding If you ve read the other books you ll know this is a big deal.The story, though amusingly told, as Grice is such a bumptious character, is violent, gory and heartbreaking Their completely soft in the head servant Molly who seems to have a language of her own providing a little extra light relief In trying to corner the ...

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    Sydney Grice s lack of graciousness has begun to wear thin The contrast between the rather dark story and the childish, and at times, inappropriate supposedly humorous retorts was unsettling and often than not interrupted rather enhanced the narrative.

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    I like this series, but this one was just a wee bit too complicated and shifting It had so many sub plots and details, and maybe I am just not in a head space to follow them all And the ending not sure what that is about Will this carry on

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