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A Normal Pig A Picture Book About A Spotted Pig In A Class Full Of Pink Pigs Who Learns To Accept Her Differences.Pip Is A Normal Pig Who Does Normal Stuff Cooking, Painting, And Dreaming Of What She Ll Be When She Grows Up.But One Day A New Pig Comes To School And Starts Pointing Out All The Ways In Which Pip Is Different Suddenly She Doesn T Like Any Of The Same Things She Used To The Things That Made Her Pip.

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    the pig art in this is everything to me I could look at these pigs for hours.

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    A fun look at what it can feel like to be an outsider and how to embrace that which makes you stand out.

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    In school, the last thing a child wants is to be different A Normal Pig, by K Fai Steele, tackles this issue with humor and clever cartoons, as it introduces young readers to a porker with a problem Meet Pip, a spotted pig among solid pink piggys Pip was normal She liked art and cooking with her family, and thinking about what she wanted to be when she grew up Yet at school, her spots stood out, as well as her lunch.Pip brought food from home that was unusual Once her porcine classmates saw her veggie combo in Tupperware, the taunts began Eww WHAT ARE YOU EATING Perplexed, Pip didn t know how to respond The noontime niggles give way to angst in art, as the other pigs find fault with her creativity Weren t we supposed to draw houses, they quip Soon Pip was cranky at home, a change in demeanor her mom noticed, wisely suggesting a family trip to the city There...

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    4.5 stars I adored A NORMAL PIG The pig in this story thinks of herself as normal She looks a little different than the other pigs in the class She enjoys food that s a little bit different, too But this doesn t bug her until a classmate calls this out and she is thrown into a bit of a crisis is she normal This sweet story explores a common concern for both kids and adults feeling singled out as well as the pressure to conform that is so preva...

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    What is normal and does it matter anyway Children, of course, run face first into this question, often in school and mostly in a negative context Steele s treatment is charming, cheerful and wonderfully understated.The illustrations are a delight My favorite may be the 2 page spread at an art museum but all the pages are packed with funny details.Steele handles a tricky tough subjec...

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    Awesome picture book about what it means to be normal with the cutest piggy illustrations Pip is adorable and happy to be herself until a new kid calls her out on her differences her lunch, her artwork, her mom My favorite line is, Pip hadn...

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    A Normal Pig is a story about differences It looks at a common issue among children They feel just fine until someone, in this case another pig, comes along and says she is different This little book shows how a parent open...

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    I loved this cute little book that talked about being different in a world that has trouble accepting the differences and accepting who you are It was very appropriate for a life situation I find myself in at the moment Highly recommended for ages 5 8, 5 stars.

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    Pig starts to feel strange when a new kid questions what Pig eats and other aspects of Pig s life A good story to introduce discussion about differences and how to celebrate your own The cartoon flavored colorful art adds to the appeal.

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    A Normal Pig tells the story of Pip, the pig who feels like a normal pig until the day the new pig in school makes her feel very, very different This story engages kids through Steele s fun illustrations and helps them learn to appreciate and embrace what makes them unique.

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