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The Little Book of Lagom Be Kind To Yourself And Simplify Your Life Think Lagom Lagompronounced Lah Gom Is A Swedish Word That Means Not Too Much And Not Too Little, But Just The Right Amount It S About Moderation, Efficiency, And Fairness This Gift Book Helps Readers Find Balance In Their Lives With Practical Tips, Sensible Recipes, Simple Craft Projects, And Inspirational Quotes They Ll Learn How To Fill Their Homes With Energy Saving, Recycled D Cor, Reduce Food Waste In Their Everyday Lives, And Balance Their Needs With Those Of The Wider World.

[PDF / Epub] ✩ The Little Book of Lagom  ☉ Jonny Jackson – Lalaweek.us
  • Hardcover
  • 144 pages
  • The Little Book of Lagom
  • Jonny Jackson
  • 19 June 2019
  • 9781449491154

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    Lagom, as any Swedish fule kno, is a useful word meaning neither too much nor too little, but just right The story of Goldilocks can be read as a search for this elusive ideal Or to take another example, consider this book A person who has actually lived in Sweden and notices it at Waterstones might, at one extreme, read it from cover to cover and gush about it to all their friends or, at the opposite end of the...

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    The Little Book of Lagom caught my eye, just as last year, The Little Book of Hygge did While Hygge is all about comfort, Lagom is all about balance, or just the right amount This is definitely something I could benefit from because I tend to over do in many aspects of my life, and balance is something I m always striving to find There are several sections to this book Some ideas included are saving energy around the home, re purposing packing crates and pallets, homemade citrus cleaner, decluttering ideas, storage solutions, reducing food waste, how to extend the life of produce, what to do with leftover...

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    The Swedish lifestyle is all the rage at the moment firstly we had hygge , and now we have lagom I m a great fan of both concepts, as both are about living life comfortably and pleasingly savouring the little moments and making the most of what you ve got Both are terms which mean, by and large just the right amount , and this book will give you plenty of tips to do just that.There is great photography throughout this book, balanced with clear and easy to read text The book in itself is a masterpiece of beauty, but the content is where it really comes into its own There are so many useful tips some just common sense across many different parts You ll find chapters about the home, such as decluttering and saving energy, a chapter about work and home and balancin...

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    A good little book A bit of common sense would have you doing most of the things in this book but some nice ideas nonetheless.

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    First and foremost, what a calming cover Onto the context..Part 2 A Balanced Diet and Good Health is exactly what I needed I m constantly trying to improve my wellbeing and to see a section on this made my reading experience pleasurable I particularly loved portion control page, from today on wards I will be using it as a guide There are a...

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    It s a new year, and that means it s time to look back over the last year and see what worked for us and what didn t I know that something I struggled with last year was balance My work life balance was not at all, and I m determined in 2018 to bring life and less work to the balance So while I m still all over last year s obsession with Danish hygge I love comfort , this year I m adding lagom Lagom is the Swedish idea of trying to find balance in life It s about living simply and with intention, while leaving behind overshopping, overspending, overcrowding, and over everything else And the best quick introduction to lagom I ve found so far is The Little Book of Lagom by Jonny Jackson and Elias Larsen It is small, like the title says, only about seven inches square or whatever size your tablet is, if you re an ereader like me , and under 150 pages And if that sounds like a lot of pages to you, realize that there are many pages with only photos or illustrations, so it s very fast to zip through and get introduced to the concept of lagom Divided into four sections, The Little Book of Lagom give advice on creating a balanced home, a balanced sense of health, that work life balance that eluded me last year, and balance in your legacy in the world Ther...

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    There are a lot uses for Goldilocks now than there used to be, even astronomically speaking, and this could be one of them, as it is a philosophy of not too much, not too little, just right Having visited Sweden often, I can attest that a lot of people really do think this way which is one of the reasons I visit so often.There s tips to make your home energy efficient There s a crafts article on how to turn an old t shirt into a tote bag, as well as other clothes that can be reincarnated as draft stoppers or rugs The part about storing your clothes vertically in the drawers was a revelation, as was the advice to eat before shopping for groceries On the other hand, the recipes meant nothing to me, as almost every one has ingredients I m allergic to or can t stand Same with the garden.Like many advice books, there s a lot of what s usually called common sense, even if it isn t common It really doesn t feel much different than other similar books, simply using the Swedish con...

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    Lagom is a Swedish term for just the right amount Apparently, an entire lifestyle has been built around it living and enjoying a simpler life so that you can focus on what s really important It endorses a minimalistic lifestyle, including less things declutter, repurpose, reuse and maintaining a smaller ecological footprint The book is divided into four parts Home Balanced Diet Good Health Healthy Work Life Balance and Balance Your Needs with the Wider World It contains home projects, craft projects, recipes, exer...

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    Lagom pronounced lah gom is a Swedish word that means not too much and not too little, but just the right amount When I heard the title, I expected to be ushered into the world of philosophy and wellbeing I visualized a book along similar lines of The Magic of Tidying Up, full of practical advice and wonderful anec...

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    The book is small and cute, but very basic and almost, I would say, amateur There is very little explanation about LAGOM concept per se, it s different ideas on how to save energy, live mindfully etc.There was als...

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