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Kai Lung's Golden HoursKai Lung S Golden Hours By Ernest Bramah Preface Hilaire Belloc Man Is Born To Make His Business Is To Construct To Plan To Carry Out The Plan To Fit Together, And To Produce A Finished Thing That Human Art In Which It Is Most Difficult To Achieve This End And In Which It Is Far Easier To Neglect It Than In Any Other Is The Art Of Writing Yet This Much Is Certain, That Unconstructed Writing Is At Once Worthless And Ephemeral And Nearly The Whole Of Our Modern English Writing Is Unconstructed, The Matter Of Survival Is Perhaps Not The Most Important, Though It Is A Test Of A Kind, And It Is A Test Which Every Serious Writer Feels Most Intimately The Essential Is The Matter Of Excellence That A Piece Of Work Should Achieve Its End But In Either Character, The Character Of Survival Or The Character Of Intrinsic Excellence, Construction Deliberate And Successful Is The Fundamental Condition It May Be Objected That The Mass Of Writing Must In Any Age Neglect Construction We Write To Establish A Record For A Few Days Or To Send A Thousand Unimportant Messages Or To Express For Others Or For Ourselves Something Very Vague And Perhaps Very Weak In The Way Of Emotion, Which Does Not Demand Construction And At Any Rate Cannot Command It No Writer Can Be Judged By The Entirety Of His Writings, For These Would Include Every Note He Ever Sent Round The Corner Every Memorandum He Ever Made Upon His Shirt Cuff, But When A Man Sets Out To Write As A Serious Business, Proclaiming By The Nature Of His Publication And Presentment That He Is Doing Something He Thinks Worthy Of The Time And Place In Which He Lives And Of The People To Whom He Belongs, Then If He Does Not Construct He Is Negligible Yet,I Say,the Great Mass Of Men Today Do Not Attempt It In The English Tongue, And The Proof Is That You Can Discover In Their Slipshod Pages Nothing Of A Seal Or Stamp You Do Not, Opening A Book At Random, Say At Once This Is The Voice Of Such And Such An One It Is No One S Manner Or Voice It Is Part Of A Common Babel Therefore In Such A Time As That Of Our Decline,to Come Across Work Which Is Planned, Executed And Achieved Has Something Of The Effect Produced By The Finding Of A Wrought Human Thing In A Wild, It Is Like Finding, As I Once Found, Deep Hidden In The Tangled Rank Grass Of Autumn In Burgundy, On The Edge Of A Wood Not Far From Dijon, A Neglected Statue Of The Eighteenth Century It Is Like Coming Round The Corner Of Some Wholly Desolate Upper Valley In The Mountains And Seeing Before One A Well Cultivated Close And A Strong House In The Midst It Is Now Many Years,I Forget How Many It May Be Twenty Or , Or It May Be A Little Less Since The Wallet Of Kai Lung Was Sent Me By A Friend, The Effect Produced Upon My Mind At The First Opening Of Its Pages Was In The Same Category As The Effect Produced By The Discovery Of That Hidden Statue In Burgundy, Or The Coming Upon An Unexpected House In The Turn Of A High Pyrenean Gorge.

[Reading] ➹ Kai Lung's Golden Hours ➯ Ernest Bramah – Lalaweek.us
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 242 pages
  • Kai Lung's Golden Hours
  • Ernest Bramah
  • English
  • 23 March 2017
  • 9780345025746

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    How is it possible to suspend topaz in one cup of the balance and weigh it against amethyst in the other or whocan compare the tranquillising grace of a maiden with the invigorating pleasure of witnessing a well contested rat fight Forget the frenetic world of Facebook, the torrent of trivia that is Twitter This review brings you something different This review wants you to Relax This review invites you to kick back, turn off the phone, and enjoy the journey in the company of Ernest Bramah s wonderful Oriental creation Kai Lung, itinerant story teller, master of Litotes, Euphemism and Understatement, and Apologist Extraordinary for Slow Reading In KLGH, Kai Lung, captured by the Shan Tien and the secretary of his hand, the contemptible Ming shu , is befriended by the maiden Hwa mei Between them, Scheherazade like, they tell Shan Tien story after story to postpone Kai Lung s execution But the plot is the merest nothing it s all about the sly witty stories, and the delightful confection of a totally illusory world Ernest Bramah never visited China in spite of the mock Oriental language...

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    This humble and inoffensive person, whose views could not possibly be of interest to exalted personages who might, by the influence of malign spirits, stumble across them, nevertheless dares to recommend this book as being replete with sayings of remarkable wisdom, such as the following There is a time to silence an adversary with the h...

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    I tried to write my comments on Ernest Bramah s Kai Lung s Golden Hours, which I just finished, in the same style In the opinion of this lowly reader, the esteemed author before our unworthy eyes has created a gem of the highest quality, polished by fine craft.But you can only do this so long before you get frustrated, which is why you have to admire Bramah, because he could maintain this oblique and ornate style throughout and still manage to tell a compelling and, than often, extremely humorous story.The titular character, Kai Lung, is a storyteller who runs afoul of the local authorities, in particular a rather nasty advisor The problem is that Kai has set his eyes on a most beautiful young woman who is also highly desired by the advisor, and the mandarin in charge is quite corrupt The one saving grace for Kai Lung is that the mandarin also likes a good story Like Scherazade, Kai Lung is therefore in the positive of entertaining for his life, and that he is able to accomplish this is not due to the fragment of 1001 stories available to him, but also the help of his beloved a fairly strong female character given the situation and the date this was written, 1922.Not everyone will care for this book, because a style as circular and dense as this doesn t lead itself to the short attention span generation only James Branch Cabell has a elaborate, yet beautiful, prose form in fantasy I don t know what it was about the 1920s that enabled the creation of such ...

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    Didn t expect to like this book so much I liked the way it began, was intrigued and then lured along in like manner the whole way through It s the premise that hooked me Here s Kai Lung, a professional story teller, who claims he knows a story for every situation in life He s a bit cocky on that score He gets thrown in jail, and soon takes on the role of a male Scheherazade, telling stories to save his life His own story isn t that amazing, but the stories he tells And it s not even that it s the idea that there is a story for every situation Not a new idea, I realize, but in this setting it really got me thinking In a sense, this is one of the realistic books I ve ever read in the way it mirrors life I mean, we each have our own story, but as our story unfolds, it is the stories we are told and the stories we tell ourselves that truly affect and change our own story life I know this from experien...

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    The China of Ernest Bramah s Kai Lung stories is no a real place than Tolkien s Middle Earth It is a fantasy realm It should be approached from that mindset.There is an overarching narrative line to Kai Lung s Golden Hours but it is of a device than a plot The book exists largely to hold the stories, and the stories exist largely to hold Bramah s words, his witticisms and observations Aside from that, the tales are amusing but rather slight.One might see the influence of Bramah s ...

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    Written in 1925, the language is quite different but rewarding The over arching story line is similar to Arabian nights with each tale putting off the end of the story teller For anyone who loves mythical tales from the past.

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    I don t know much about Chinese culture or anything, but I really enjoyed this book It s similar to 1001 Nights where the narrator tells stories to delay his death The language and narration takes a little getting used to, but it has a lot of subtle and not so subtle wit and humor.

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    I picked this book up because it s quoted in one of Dorothy Sayers Lord Peter Harriet Vane mysteries, and I love those enough to give anything related to them a try.When I read the blurb, I thought I d probably made a horrible mistake The English author of the 1920 s is famed for his traditional tales of Chinese literature , exotic fantasies filled with corrupt mandarins, beautiful maidens, greedy merchants, alchemical potions, and I had a bad feeling I was in for clumsy ham fisted racist portrayals of China as imagined by a British gentlemen.I was pleasantly surprised The book is a series of stories and or parables loosely linked by plot storyteller is falsely accused of a crime, and tells stories to delay his capital punishment , but it isn t dry there s a level of silliness that reminds me faintly of PG Wodehouse s Bertie Wooster books Although the writing itself is in a quasi formal, faux foreign ...

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    Written by a British writer nearly a century ago about an even distant time in late imperial China, this book should not be taken as historically or culturally accurate although it s not that far off the mark but simply as storytelling In many ways, Golden Hours is very similar to Arabian Nights Both are a collection of pseudo folk tales strung together by a frame story about the fictional storyteller him herself In both cases, the stories vary in tone and mood from serious to funny, and sometimes there are stories within stories Also, in both cases, the psuedo folk tales are not authentic, but rather represent a literary attempt by latter day outsiders to re create the past.In a nutshell, the stories in Gold...

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    If you have strong objections to orientalist fantasy as the editor of this edition says, it s set in China but it s a fantasy country unrelated to the real China this probably won t work for you That said, I enjoyed the story of Kai Lung, a storyteller who in this volume of the series is sentenced to death on a trumped up charge but buys time by constantly spinning stories to suit the mood of the mandarin sitting in judgment Bramah s writing is droll, elegant and leisu...

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