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Best Job Search Tips For Age 60-Plus This Book Is A Must Read For People Who Want To Continue Working Past Age 60 Welcome To Best Job Search Tips For Age 60 Plus A Practical Work Options Resource For Baby Boomers Where Readers Will Learn About Effective Job Search Strategies And Realistic Work Possibilities Boomers Have Already Changed Many Of The Stereotypes Our Society Holds Most Would Say They Are Very Different From Their Parents, Who Appeared To Be Much Older At The Same Age And Saw Retirement As The Only Reward For Their Years Of Work With So Many Americans Living Into Their 90s, Working Past Age 60 Is Increasingly Common Whether Working For Income Or Looking For Meaningful Work Post Retirement, Job Seekers Face An Employment Market Has Changed Drastically In Recent Years This Forever Young Generation Now Must Also Confront Many Workplace Challenges Including Age Discrimination In An Evolving And Competitive Job Market, Proactive Preparation Is Important Than Ever Before With Over 25 Years Of Experience, Employment Coaches, Toby Haberkorn And Elizabeth O Neal Understand The Unique Skill Sets Baby Boomers Bring To The Job Market, As Well As The Challenges Of Finding Employment In A Youth Oriented World Their Advice And Job Search Resources Are Ideal For Those Who Want To Stay In The Game Learn To Implement Effective 21st Century Job Search Strategies Make Technology And Internet Work For You Update Your Personal And Digital Profile Prepare For Telephone, Video And In Person Interviews Neutralize Age Related Employment Challenges

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    As everyone may or may not know by now I am not a fan of self help books When the publicist asked if I would read and review this book I could not resist I mean, really I am only SEMI retired maybe I could get some pointers Did I ever This manual covers virtually everything you could possibly ever want to know about how to land a job no matter what type I will hazard a guess that this could help younger people as well It didn t take me long to read it but I will have to go back and re read sections that I am most interested in.There are even sections where you can write notes if you purchase the actual book I was sent the e book I found myself wanting to write a few notes to myself but you need the actual book for that or have a pen and paper at the your side.Need to know how to construct a resume, sit for an interview etc there are actually examples at the end of the book, as well as explaining throughout.OK Baby Boomers let s get back to work Best Job...

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    Many job search books are written for a general audience, but this book really pinpoints the specific needs and challenges of Boomers who are looking for a job Boomers will find excellent, authoritative advice about how to seek a position, how to write a modern resume, and how to be professional at a job interview, whether it s by phone, video, or in person The authors are not squeamish about addressing the most difficult parts of a job search for older employees, such as self image, feeling over qualified, working with younger bosses, and In addition to full time positions, the book covers part time, freelance, consulting, and volunteer opportunities.This book offers many links to extremely valuable resources, as well as actual examples of how to answer interview questions and write effective resumes A particularly creative and useful part of the book is a section in which the authors provide profiles of successful...

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    A clearly channeled discussion with resources that I found very practical Listings of key resources, narrative guidance, well connected examples, a quick and easy read and my practical choices were made clear Save yourself some resource digging time by reading this book some evening soon.

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