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Leigh & Kirby When Her Girlfriend Of Four Years Asks Kirby To Go Away With Her On Their First Adult Vacation, Kirby Eagerly Agrees It S The Perfect Bridge Between The High School Life They Just Finished, And The Lucrative Jobs Awaiting Them And The Perfect Cover To Gather The Pieces She Needs For A Machine That Will Stop The End Of The World.But Her World Saving Goal Is A Long Kept Secret, And Secrets Don T Combine Well With Love And Life Especially When Danger Is Added To The Mix.

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    I received this book free from Love Bytes and the author in exchange for an honest review.This review was first posted to Love Bytes LGBTQ Book Reviews It has been slightly edited here for content.Before I even post my review, I d like to say that if you send your ARC to a review site, you should expect an honest review You don t have to like what we say, but maligning your reviewers and readers on social media makes you look like a poor sport Especially when writing about marginalized groups.This is an incredibly fast paced, colorful sci fi story that never really managed to decide what kind of book it wanted to be I was immediately drawn to Kirby, a young scientist who has come to the conclusion several times over that the world is ending in mere days, and her struggle to both stop the apocalypse and make sure her girlfriend Leigh is happy and safe It is a good plot with plenty of potential for high stakes drama of both the sci fi and romantic varieties.But this story was very scattered in tone and plot Every single sci fi fantasy trope you could possibly think of including vampires, Martians, cyberpunk, robots, dinosaurs, and zombies makes an appearance, but they disappear quickly and are never heard from again, bearing little importance to the plot The book often feels like a se...

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    I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis was a really cute story although it was maybe a little bit lacking in substance, but sometimes you just need something short and light and fun It s set in a futuristic version of Earth where the protagonists basically have a small handheld teleporting device that can take them all over the universe where they alternately look for parts for Kirby s doomsday averting machine and try to have a nice relaxing vacation like Leigh planned There s a lot of cool futuristic settings and gadgets but there s also not very much explanation or background given on any of it as they really just pop in and out of places very quickly Instead, most of the plot is focused on Leigh and Kirby s relationship and they are SUPER cute together It was just fun to read about them because they were generall...

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    I don t know the characters got to be so cloyingly cutesie that they started to get on my nerves Is this how the male author thinks all lesbians act all the time I was waiting for them to have a tickle fight in their underwear like all of us guys think queer femmes do The story was somewhat interesting But I don t know how these two people kept getting easy access to such dangerous places Dangerous places that seemed like they just existed for people to go to and almost get killed Those were the 2 things that kept pulling me out of the story I wonder if a lot got cut in editing or if it needs editing It seemed like they went from one otherworldly location to another and there wasn t much transition Was this location whiplash intensional It didn t help that stuff wasn t explained very well Why did the robots go crazy Why did vampires rule a massive corporation on Mars Why was that weird mutant going to kill them I can go along with going on the quests but a little explanation of bo...

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