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Yoga for Better Sleep Learn Simple Yoga Techniques Poses, Meditations, And Breathwork To Sleep Better And Longer, From Master Yoga Teacher Trainer And Author, Mark Stephens.As Modern Science Unravels Some Of The Mysteries Of Our Sleeping, Dreaming, And Waking States, Age Old Yoga Practices Are Helping Us To Enjoy Better Sleep, Clearer Minds, And Healthier Bodies Over 65 Percent Of U.S Adults Are Sleep Deprived Sleep Deprivation Causes And Worsens Many Ailments, Including Stress, Heart Conditions, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, And Depression This Book Provides Easy To Do And Effective Yoga Activities Including Postural Sequences, Breathing Exercises, And Meditation Tools For Better Quality And Quantity Sleep Across The Life Cycle From Childhood To Older Age Long Time Yoga Instructor, Teacher Trainer, And Best Selling Author Mark Stephens Integrates The Ancient Wisdom Of Yoga With The Practical Insights, Age And Condition Specific Sequences, And Discussions Of Neuroscience And Psychology To Offer Practical Tools For Improving Sleep Naturally And Drug Free.

[[ PDF / Epub ]] ☉ Yoga for Better Sleep  Author Mark Stephens – Lalaweek.us
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Yoga for Better Sleep
  • Mark Stephens
  • 13 September 2018
  • 9781623173630

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    This book starts by explaining the mechanisms of sleep what can disturb it For many, some information might be old news don t surf the web or social media before bed , but I imagine there are also many who will be discovering this for the first time, after all, we can t know everything While I already understood a good amount of the information provided, I also learned a lot My problem is, now that I know how we sleep what I should do to fall asleep, I ve been having trouble falling asleep because my active brain decides to ruminate on what I learned while I m trying to sleep It s July as of the time of this review I ve been struggling to fall asleep even though I m exhausted I run my own small organic family farm am utterly pooped When I finally crawl into bed, I find myself awake an hour later I end up napping during the day I always thought naps were okay Mark Stephens explains how napping reduces the sleep pressure required Napping can make falling asleep staying asleep worse I have now stopped napping I m tired than ever I m still having trouble falling asleep From other info in this book I believe part of the problem is the overly long days Too long for me There is not enough darkness Plus, my bedroom is way too warm It s too warm, because it s so flippin hot out it isn t cooling off at night I expect as the days grow shorter the temps stop trying to boil me in my flesh, I ll finally start to sleep better, plus I ll actually get some down time before bed.The yoga sequences are great There are several practices for various types of people, plus one general practice My yoga practices consist of Jane Adams DVD s which I love Jane is great for us middle aged, less flexible types While Jane does a wonderful job walking you through each pose, she doesn t always provide alternatives if you cannot do a pose This book gives several alternatives for each pose If you can t do pose A then try this If you also can t do this, then try this instead Each pose option makes the position easier easier depending on your flexibility He also provides info at the beginning of each pose listing possible sensitivities For example Side Stretch Special Sensitivity Low back, neck, knees, shoulders Next any need props are listed, then how to do the pose with various adjustments if you struggle with the pose.Overall, I am very pleased with this book It has increased my knowledge regarding sleep, provided me with incredibly relaxing yoga routines, shown me how to make adjustments to poses I ve struggled with in the past.

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    In Yoga for Better Sleep Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science, Mark Stephens gives some great information and some excellent advice He starts his book by telling about what a good night s sleep is and why it is important He also talks about the stages that we go through as we sleep Then, he goes on to describe the various sleep disorders that people may complain about Finally, he suggests some hows and whys of how to accomplish effective and satisfying sleep He presents yoga postures and breathing techniques that are, indeed, effective He even modifies the asanas for those who cannot perform due to old age, restrictions, or poor balance He concludes by discussing how sleep patterns change throughout our lives.This is an informative and very interesting book If the reader followed his advice, there would be an improvement in the quality of sleep.I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

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    Best for yoga instructors Wordy My full review is in ChristineMM

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