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A Bittersweet Surprise (Starlight Cove #3) A Mysterious, Heartwarming Tale Of Small Town Intrigue, Family Secrets, And The Possibility Of New Love From The Charts Bestselling Author Of The Lighthouse KeeperEmma Laurent Has Always Preferred Helping Others To Asking For Help But Now, She S The One In Need Her Stepmother Is Selling Her Late Father S Candy Shop, Her Grandmother S Assisted Living Facility Has Become A Financial Burden, And The Anniversary Of Her Fianc S Death Is Quickly ApproachingRather Than Face Her Problems, Emma Does What She Does Best Finds Someone Else To Help By Offering A Mother And Son With Nowhere To Go Somewhere To Stay So When A Couple Visiting Starlight Cove Suddenly Offers To Pay , For The Old Painting That Has Hung On The Candy Shop S Wall Since Emma Was A Child, It Seems Like Fate Has Stepped In To Help Emma In Return But The She Thinks About It, The Suspicious The Offer SeemsDetermined To Uncover Why The Couple Is So Interested In The Painting, Emma Begins To Investigate, Unknowingly Wading Into A Sea Of Old Family Secrets At The Same Time, A New Flirtation Has Her Feeling Guilty And Confused As Emma Uncovers About The Past, Can She Find The Courage She Needs To Save The Candy Shop And Give Herself Permission To Open Her Heart To Love Again

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    Emma hasn t had an easy life, her family chocolate shop and her grandmother are the only constants on which she can rely.Her mother gave her away Her father was going to raise her with his new wife But he passed away when Emma was a child and she went to live with her grandmother.Emma always thought she d run the candy shop some day but it was left to her stepmother Gillian since her father had no will.Present day, Emma is in her 30 s and she s suffered loss Her fianc e passed away ten years ago Emma works at the shop but doesn t own it Her grandmother is in a wonderful nursing home that Emma can t quite afford.Then Gillian tells Emma she s selling the candy shop.Emma feels like she could lose everything She s desperate to try to buy the shop.Then, one day, a customer wanders into her shop and wants to buy the painting hanging on the wall.Emma never considered selling the painting, she s actually in the painting as a little girl She also never considered it was valuable.But when the customer offers her tens of thousands of dollars for it, Emma decides to dig into the details of the painting.She realizes there s a lot to the story than she ever realized.I thought this was an enjoyable story that was very character based Emma is a wonderful character, totally selfless bordering on questionable in his quick she is to help the strangers in town She s got a very big heart and might be putting herself at risk.I got to read an early copy from NetGalley, thank you

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    I flew through this charming book in two days, barely able to put it down It was the perfect feel good read I was looking for The characters and setting Starlight Cove had a warm feel, reminding me of the beloved Stars Hollow of Gil Girls Cynthia Ellingsen quickly transported me to a quaint town, full of small town problems and gossip Sweetery chocolate shop manager, Emma, is a kind and likable character, someone you root for from page one I adored all of the characters, whom I wish I could befriend If you re looking for a light hearted, warm and fuzzy read, this is your book AbittersweetSurprise NetGalley

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    This was a very enjoyable story set in a small town, with a bit of a mystery running through it about a painting that has been on the walls of The Sweetery chocolate shop for years is it worth a lot of money or not Emma has been running The Sweetery for a little while but her stepmother, Gillian, actually owns it and she has decided to sell it and Emma is initially distraught Her Father used to own it, but when he died unexpectedly it went to his wife and not Emma as she was his next of kin and he didn t have a will Emma and Gillian have a bit of a fraught relationship as once her Father died Gillian palmed young Emma off on her grandmother instead of bringing her up herself The reasons for this become clear later in the story.On the wall of The Sweetery is a painting that a couple visiting suddenly decide they want to buy and offer Emma a lot of money for, arousing her suspicions about their intentions, so she starts to look into the origin of the painting It was actually painted by someone who visited their small town when Emma was young, and became good friends with her Father The little girl in the painting is actually Emma The painting was given to her Father on the understanding that it would go to Emma after his death Emma loves the painting but has always left it on the wall in the shop, not thinking it was of any value.But after the offer to buy it things take on an unexpected turn and it turns out the painting may be by a famous painter or not Lots of confusion about this, but in a nice way.Along the way we also meet up with Emma s friends, and a love interest in keep fit healthy eating Cody, who is always ribbing Emma about the bad effects of chocolate sold in her shop.There is definitely lots to keep you interested in this story, Emma is always helping people and helps a homeless woman and her young son by sorting them out accommodation and even sorting her a few cleaning jobs, but she has secrets and is Emma too trusting Very enjoyable, small town story with interesting characters and a bit of a mystery This is the third book in this series, but I would definitely be interested in going back and reading the rest now.

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    This is a cute book Emma is the heroine of the story She s had a rather difficult life It s not a poor little me or a sob story The storyline is interesting and kept my attention I felt like I could be friends with Emma and i would have loved her Grandmother At the beginning of the book you learn that Emma s fianc was killed and she s just starting to think she might survive The characters are believable and well developed There s a little love and a little mystery I would read another by the author and I will recommend this book to family and friends Thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union for allowing me to read an advance copy of this book for my honest review.

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    It s set in a candy shop, so

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    Emma didn t have the easy childhood and her adulthood isn t going much better Her loving father, owner of the Sweetery, died suddenly of a heart attack when she was young Her step mother wasn t the most loving person in the world and left Emma to be raised by her grandmother, who was a wonderful and loving person Now her step mother wants to sell the chocolate shop where Emma works This causes a number of problems for Emma, with no straight forward solutions.This story could just be a bit of fluff However, it is well crafted with a variety of storylines interwoven Emma also has some interesting personality traits, like the need to help everyone she meets All of this is pulled together to create enough tension but with a satisfying resolution.

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    A easy and cosy read,simple storyline but well presented,you can t help but fall in love with the character s,either you love them or hate them like Gillian,the stepmother.A nice holiday read,.

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    It s set in a candy shop, so

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    Do you think there are good people than bad in this world If you don t the protagonist in this book will surely change your mind Thank you Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for this ARC It will be published on September 3rd.The synopsis of the story doesn t leave much to imaginations It s a story of a kind hearted Emma Laurent who helps others rather than facing her own problem She believes that helping others in need will make the day less than the bad day it was So she offers to help a woman and her son a place to stay While at this she is also having a conflict on buying her late father s candy shop from her stepmother and needs to solve the financial burden of her grandmother assisted living facilities Then a romantic suitor comes into her life after years had passed since her fiance tragic death There is a lot happening here But the only things that caught my attention is when a couple comes and offers her 20000 to buy a piece of drawing that she owns and have a sentimental connection with I want to know badly what is the mystery behind it as it will uncover her family secret as well..While the reason behind the drawing is predictable, I enjoy the twist that Ellingson s write on getting to that The author made the discovery enjoyable and surprising Never in a million year that I would think of that coming With all that happening this is actually is the most relaxing story I have ever read in ages It is unlogic that there is not one evil bone in this story except the tragic death Everybody is nice especially Emma, to nice indeed and it is one of the reasons I almost put this book down at 20% of reading it but I didn t due to the mystery this story could offer Over time I started to accept her character better because of what she went through as a child She knows what rejection feels like and what small action of kindness could mean a lot to others in need.It is brilliant on how Ellingsen develops her present defense mechanism following her childhood development It is accurately well written Experiences that occurred during childhood stages will greatly determine an individual s personality and attitude I cried on how pure Emma heart is and when others did beyond their benefits It is refreshing to read about faith the goodness that still exists in the world AbittersweetSurprise NetGalley

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    A Bittersweet Surprise by Cynthia Ellingsen is a wonderful return to Starlight Cove There is an awesome chocolate shop managed by Emma Laurent Her father owned the shop and created the recipes which are used to make the mouthwatering chocolates He died when she was very young, so the ownership of the shop passed to Emma s stepmother Gillian The relationship between Emma and Gillian has been strained since the death of Emma s father There are some shocking surprises in the future for Emma Gillian plans to sell The Sweetery and move on with her life but Emma does not have the money or credit resources to buy her fathers chocolate shop A mysterious couple comes into the shop and offers to purchase a very special painting which has been on display for years When Emma was about five years old a traveling artist called Montee had painted a winter scene of The Sweetery The painting was a view through the window of a little girl with butterscotch color hair sitting and drinking a cup of cocoa Why would strangers to Starlight Cove insist upon increasing their offer to acquire the painting I won t post spoilers but there is a hint of danger in store for Emma and a possible romance, too Oh, those Henderson brothersOh La La Publication Date September 3, 2019Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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