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A Clash of KingsEBooks In George R R Martin, A Writer Of Unsurpassed Vision, Power, And Imagination, Has Created A Landmark Of Fantasy Fiction Now His Two Epic Works, A Game Of Thrones And A Clash Of Kings Are Combined Together In This EBook Edition Sweeping From A Harsh Land Of Cold To A Summertime Kingdom Of Epicurean Plenty, A Game Of Thrones Tells A Tale Of Lords And Ladies, Soldiers And Sorcerers, Assassins And Bastards Who Come Together In A Time Of Grim Omens Here, An Enigmatic Band Of Warriors Bear Swords Of No Human Metal, A Tribe Of Fierce Wildings Carry Men Off Into Madness, A Cruel Young Dragon Prince Barters His Sister To Win Back His Throne, A Child Is Lost In The Twilight Between Life And Death, And A Determined Woman Undertakes A Treacherous Journey To Protect All She Holds Dear Amid Plots And Counterplots, Tragedy And Betrayal, Victory And Terror, Allies And Enemies, The Fate Of The Starks Hangs Perilously In The Balance, As Each Side Endeavors To Win That Deadliest Of Conflicts The Game Of Thrones In The Eagerly Awaited Second Volume In This Epic Saga, He Once Again Proves Himself A Master Myth Maker, Setting A Standard Against Which All Other Fantasy Novels Will Be Measured For Years To Come Time Is Out Of Joint The Summer Of Peace And Plenty, Ten Years Long, Is Drawing To A Close, And The Harsh, Chill Winter Approaches Like An Angry Beast Two Great Leaders Lord Eddard Stark And Robert Baratheon Who Held Sway Over An Age Of Enforced Peace Are Deadvictims Of Royal Treachery Now, From The Ancient Citadel Of Dragonstone To The Forbidding Shores Of Winterfell, Chaos Reigns, As Pretenders To The Iron Throne Of The Seven Kingdoms Prepare To Stake Their Claims Through Tempest, Turmoil, And War As A Prophecy Of Doom Cuts Across The Sky A Comet The Color Of Blood And Flame Six Factions Struggle For Control Of A Divided Land Eddard S Son Robb Has Declared Himself King In The North In The South, Joffrey, The Heir Apparent, Rules In Name Only, Victim Of The Scheming Courtiers Who Teem Over King S Landing Robert S Two Brothers Each Seek Their Own Dominion, While A Disfavored House Turns Once To Conquest And A Continent Away, An Exiled Queen, The Mother Of Dragons, Risks Everything To Lead Her Precious Brood Across A Hard Hot Desert To Win Back The Crown That Is Rightfully Hers A Clash Of Kings Transports Us Into A Magnificent, Forgotten Land Of Revelry And Revenge, Wizardry And Warfare It Is A Tale In Which Maidens Cavort With Madmen, Brother Plots Against Brother, And The Dead Rise To Walk In The Night Here A Princess Masquerades As An Orphan Boy A Knight Of The Mind Prepares A Poison For A Treacherous Sorceress And Wild Men Descend From The Mountains Of The Moon To Ravage The Countryside Against A Backdrop Of Incest And Fratricide, Alchemy And Murder, The Price Of Glory May Be Measured In Blood And The Spoils Of Victory May Just Go To The Men And Women Possessed Of The Coldest Steel And The Coldest Hearts For When Rulers Clash, All Of The Land Feels The Tremors Audacious, Inventive, Brilliantly Imagined, A Clash Of Kings Is A Novel Of Dazzling Beauty And Boundless Enchantment A Tale Of Pure Excitement You Will Never Forget

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    If Mr T threw a punch at a bunch of letters, they d fall into place as SONG OF ICE AND FIRE.

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    Over 1,700 pages through the Song of Ice and Fire series, and I am genuinely addicted Having never read true fantasy science fiction before, I was skeptical but figured NPR s list of 10 books you probably haven t read, but should wouldn t be wrong Then half way through Game of Thrones, the series began on HBO I can t wait to watch it after I am done reading the series By the time I make it through the next two montster of a books, hopefully Dancing with Dragons will be in paperback.

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    I m not much of a fantasy reader Having said that, I find this series to be compelling Dare I say I m enjoying this than the Lord of the Rings I Do I do dare say it I m about 2 3rds of the way through the third book and cannot put it down I love the complexity of the characters I like the fact that there isn t a lot of magic and crazy monsters The people are the monsters The bad people do bad things not because they are inherently evil, but because they have human flaws and weaknesses They commit evil acts because they are jealous, lustful, fearful, etc I find myself hating some of these characters and then a few chapters later feeling sympathy for them I like how each chapter switches who the narrator is It gives you a greater depth of view as to what is going on when you see it from multiple perspectives.I also like the fact that the author pulls no punches The good characters suffer They suffer immensely They get themselves into horrible situations and sometimes don t get out of them The bad guys often win There is seldom a deus ex machina to be found There have been quite a few times in this series where I have been absolutely stunned by the events that have transpired No one is held sacred Everyone is at risk There is a great amount of tension when you know your favorite character may very well die on the next page I could continue to rave about this series for hours, but will stop here To sum up Love it

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    I can t believe I had never read, nor even heard of, this book until this summer The story is somewhat like Lord of the Rings, only a thousand times fun to read I like the LOTR films, not so much the books There are swords and horses and banners, murders and plots, destinies and tragedies Delightfully strong female characters e.g., Arya Awesome name, too and a deliciously clever and rude dwarf the human kind add to the expected knights and whatnot The story s main conflict has many facets, and I found myself rooting for different sides at different moments the good and the evil are fairly readily recognizable, but as in life, not everyone on either side quite fits the broad strokes label An absolute blast to read, and reading it in late fall is highly recommended because of the many repetitions of the ominous phrase Winter is coming winter being, in the world of this book, a dark season which can last a decade or .

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    Rating is zero stars So not worth it Crass and raw don t quite cover it Sleaze, misogyny These are central I think the author lost his story after the first book Author G.Martin wrote some excellent premises in book one And then. that s it He really had no story Only the premise for one.Book two is 800 pages of lost, hungry, and beaten orphans, war, violence, violent rape, threats of rape, humiliation of women, drownings, kidnappings, hangings, sexual humiliation men , and decapitation Oh and, winter is coming Why, really, did he bother I won t be fooled again.I trusted this author to have a point Most anything would do Author is not up to the task The stories are a cover for blood lust writ large And hating women even larger.Further rants below Besides above, I have a basic objection to G R.R Martin The novel is not told in the first person but rather through an all knowing author Our collective POV is the following at the warehouse where the lowest and dirtiest of whores will spread their legs for any passerby Martin could say anything here where the cheapest women of the night can sell their wares gets the point across equally well doesn t it He hardly ever fails to remind that women are whores So are men But we often told of the first.The hundreds of lines just like it grind away at one s humanity while reading this adventure story.

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    I waited till this year to read Game of Thrones I got tired of hearing how much better George Martins novels are compared to J.R.R Tolkin I finely picked up Game of Thrones just because of all the buzz the story was causing and HBO picked it up to make a show.Wow, I am swallowing my pride the man did his homework, and gave justice to the lords, knights, kings, and yes even the villain The Spider too I can see why he was compared to Tolkin, what imagery, fine details, a true rich world for a n awesome story to unfold in The characters are very well developed and all seem so real, forced to make real hard chooses, even if there are life death consequences, which make them even real I have devoured t Games of Throne and now leapt head first into A Clash of Kings He even added characters, just as alluring as the first group How I cried for Sansza when her father was beheaded Only to read that King Jeffory still has Ned s head on a spike HE does not deserve belittling AFTER his undeserving death I am still so worried for Arry, even if she is with the orphan boys I worry over her getting raped Where is her direwolf Anyway, these books are the boom, just wish I hadn t waited so long to read them

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    Lame Unreadable.I question the author s interior life when he describes the orgasms of a 14 year old girl as her husband has forcible, non consensual sex with her.

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    These books got worse and worse with every chapter The second book took me over a year to finish and I am officially done with this series Besides the fact that these books do not have any business in the fantasy section throwing in three dragons and one pathetic life spell amongst two 600 700 page books does not make a series fantasy these books were disgusting The entire society of these books is Patriarchal and raping women and children is a major theme The author somehow thinks that throwing in a couple female heroines some of them raped multiple times makes the book less bigoted The series does not have any kind of direction It drags on and on without any major events In the first book, I got only that Daenarys has reached puberty The second book I got nothing from I have no idea what I was supposed to pull from it Two stars is for mildly interesting characters, mostly lacking real character development.

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    At first it is an interesting story and the multiple narratives are acceptable Later in the book the author throws out an unexpected plot twist and then shifts to completely unrelated narratives for a few chapters I ended up skipping ahead and eventually stopped reading altogether After reading the book for a while, I became painfully aware that the author s intent was to draw out this story as long as possible, hence the subsequent volumes I like books with multiple volumes but only if each volume isn t a cliffhanger This book is a blatant cliffhanger and reading it was frustrating The book is unnecessarily vulgar in several parts.

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    A clash of kings by George R.R Martine, is most lengthy book i ve ever read But is it worth the time Yes The book has a lot of content to take in, but it is mainly about different houses and powerful people fighting each other to sit on the mighty throne, while other danger approaches The story is also mixed with a fantasy element While fighting for the throne is based on reality, there is the undead, called night walkers, Approaching north of the wall Oh, and did i mention, its always snowing all four seasons in the world of game of thrones, and summer actually last up to 7 years Meaning when winter come, only those who have enough resource can survive This is when the power of the houses really matters And it is the coldest in the North, so people built a wall, separating the cold and the danger away from the rest And people called the Nights watch guard to walls, form wildlings scavengers and others sorts of evil.One thing i liked about the book is that theres is really a lot of take in It feels like a living and breathing world The story is also narrated by different peoples viewpoint, and different location, instead on focusing on one main character And it all makes sense when you connect them together You know exactly what a character thinks and feels However, the book is extremely graphic violence, sex etc and i definitely will not recommend it to smaller kids I give this book a 5 star because i really enjoyed reading it and the story, and despite the long read, the story always gets me reading on and on This book has great story and a huge roster of characters I will recommend this book to all realistic fictions fans.

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