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The Source of Magic (Xanth, #2)Ordered By King Trent To Determine The Source Of Xanth S Magic, Bink And His Companions Were Harried By An Unseen Enemy Determined To Thwart Them When Even Their Protector Turned Against Them, Bink Still Managed To Reach His Goal And Carry Out The King S Ordersbut The King Did Not Expect Bink S Next Act To Destroy Utterly The Magic Of Xanth

!!> Epub ➥ The Source of Magic (Xanth, #2) ➤ Author Piers Anthony – Lalaweek.us
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • The Source of Magic (Xanth, #2)
  • Piers Anthony
  • English
  • 02 July 2017
  • 9780345350589

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    This story takes up where A Spell for Chameleon left off Like the Incarnations of Immortality series, it seemed that Anthony had a great idea to begin with and then the originality, and quality, dropped off exponentially This book w...

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    The sexist attitudes prevented me from at all enjoying the whimsy.

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    I tried, I really tried The way that my sister was talking about this book, it sounded like so much fun, and there was so much potential But I just can t like this book First off, I think that it could have been so much shorter It takes so much time, trying to sound important than it really is, that it just sucks pages into bizarre explanations Secondly, I can only take so much of reading about nymph s pert little butts, their supple arms, and how female they are And pretty much the whole look on women in this book is pretty insulting Female characters are shallow, caring only about their looks and how others perceive them and are often put down as being the classic ball and chain and at times it seems that women are just meant to be evil beings that are only on Xanth to torture the men and exploit their barbaric weaknesses Maybe I m reading too much into it, but by the end, it was just too much And why did females seem to only have talents that would help them look nicer or change their appearance Really Why couldn t they have something actually useful Okay I ll stop here Third, the puns I liked them at first, the puns about the creatures and plants in Xanth, the shoe tree that provides fresh shoes and such But eventually, it just got a bit silly Like the jellyfish A fish made of jelly That was a bit thin, in my opinion Overall, I just couldn t get into this book Perhaps it is be...

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    Hmmm it s a strange thing to read your childhood favourites as an adult except with Harry Potter, which for me is timeless I will never stop enjoying them I quite enjoyed The Source of Magic , though reading it now, a few things strike me Firstly an obvious one the prose are not nearly as good as I remember But that is to be expected nobody writes like Ian McEwan when they re writing young adult fiction Also, this book in particular I have yet to see whether the others will follow suit, though I expect they will is overtly sexist The premise basically centres around a bunch of men of various species a man, a centaur, a man transformed into a griffin going on a quest because their wives and partners are either pregnant or have just had a kid, and the men wish to escape the stress of their home life Yeah, what a great message to send to young readers The books goes on and the chauvinism gets worse At the end, the protagonist doles out some male wisdom to the lady centaur, telling her that in order to keep her partner interested, she must pay him attention instead of focusing too much on her new born baby centaur Not good, Piers Anthony, not good at all One of the main characters is also a self proclaimed woman hater who takes any opportunity throughout the narrative to discuss why he despises the opposite sex so mu...

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    Eh Nope.This one is another series of mini adventures in the course of a larger quest undertaken by Bink, Chester, Crombie, Humphrey, and Grundy to find out the source of magic in Xanth I was really hoping it would be less sexist than the first one, but it s not I mean, there was no infuriating rape trial here, but otherwise it was just as bad.Every woman in Xanth is described and, to at least some extent, valued in terms of her attractiveness You get a description of almost every female character s breasts Almost every single female character fits into one of three categories 1 beautiful, innocent, not overly bright but very accommodating 2 beautiful, seductive, manipulative, and conniving or 3 ugly The only exceptions I can think of from this book AND the previous one are Chameleon in her average phase, which doesn t appear in this book, and Bianca, Bink s mother, who is barely mentioned at all and, being the protagonist s mother, is naturally never presented as sexy Chameleon, the char...

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    The first three novels of Xanth are classic fantasy novels In A Spell for Chameleon, we are introduced to a world where everyone has a magic Talent Some can point unerringly at trouble, others can change their appearance In order to become a citizen of Xanth, a person must display the talent or they are exiled to Mundania where we live In Spell, Bink is revealed to have a talent, but the talent itself is reluctant to be revealed as Bink s talent, tries to thwart evidence of its existence in order to ensure that no one can harm Bink magically If people knew what the talent was, its power might be lessened Moreover, Bink s talent is Magician Class, capital letters intended In Spell, some of the permutations of this talent are explored as Bink goes up against Trent, another Magician class talent, who eventually becomes the King of Xanth There is a wonderful explanation of the power of Bink s talent in Spell that leads to the events captured in the next novel.In The Source of Magic, King Trent sends Bink on a quest to find out why Xanth has magic In the process Anthony explores the wonderful terrain of Xanth and further permutations of Bink s talent are revealed...

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    If you loved the first book you may like this one.I couldn t ignore the commentary on women because it never stops, ever I don t know if Piers Anthony was bitter but that makes it not worth reading for me Also, the continuous lusting descriptions of the c...

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    I enjoyed the story in this one in so far as it was entertaining to read about the origins of magic in Xanth I wanted to know I loved how crazy the road they travelled was and how dangerous all the magic became The only thing that knocked this down a star for me was the depictions of all the female characters in this one All of the men complaining about their women and how they were being treated just rubbed me the wrong way a little bit It was one of the few things that felt like it made it clear when this book was wri...

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    My 12 year old really liked A Spell for Chameleon so now we re on to the next book can t say I m all that excited.So my reaction to this book is the same as my reaction to the re read of A Spell for Chameleon Too much sexual innuendo for kids Too much theory for kids Not serious enough for adults Not funny enough for adults Every woman is defined by her looks and made to be either a sexual object or basically not a woman.So again I ask who are these books written for If I at age 41 1000 s of books later was having trouble interpreting the the ethical debate about whether to set the demon free then it can t be for kids right Then add in the comments about sex, temptation, the descriptions of the women and you think this must be for adults But the story itself is lite and filled with silly puns, the kind of stuff you find in kids books.Anyway my boy s 13 now and he liked it I m assuming because of the sex references He says he wants to read and I remember Castl...

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    R gen volt, mikor utolj ra humoros fantasyt olvastam lesz m tva az els r szt s felh tlen l lveztem is R gen a Skandar Graun os k nyveket im dtam gondolom azok m g ma is tetszen nek , de azt n beleuntam kicsit a ny ltan f leg humoros r sokat, Herry K klert s t rsait meg hagyjuk is ink bb s nyilv n azokban az id kben a Pratchett k nyvek is nagyon tetszettek, de azokba m g hamarabb f radtam bele Piers Anthony Xanth sorozata nem ilyen f raszt Teli vannak b d letes k rs gekkel ezek a reg nyek is papucsokat term bokor s t rsaik , v gig nevetg lhetnek az olvas k, de alig po nkodnak benn k csak gy egyszer en Sokkal t bbet nevethet nk a szerz szarkasztikus s sokszor cinikus besz l sain Tal n az rt is, mert a szexista humor nmag ban az rt nem el g ahhoz, hogy teljesen kit lts n egy eg sz k nyv sorozatot , s mivel a fantasy am gy is k z a k zben j r a kalandreg nyekkel, ez rt sz ks g volt most is egy nem annyira h sies k ldet sre, p r mini kalandra lebontva, amit h seink Bink, a f szerepl egy val di letre v gy minig lem egy kakaskod sra hajlamos kentaur egy griff v ltoztatott katona s egy folyton unatkoz , vonakod birodalmi g...

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