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Hellboy: The Crooked Man and OthersThe Eisner Award Winning Mini Series The Crooked Man, By Mignola And Richard Corben, Teams Hellboy With A Wandering Hillman In A Devilish Tale Of Appalachian Witchcraft This Volume Also Includes The Rare They Who Go Down To The Sea In Ships By Mignola, Josh Dysart B.P.R.D 1947 , And Jason Shawn Alexander Abe Sapien The Drowning , Never Before Available For Purchase Mignola And Duncan Fegredo S The Mole, From Free Comic Book Day 2008 And Mignola S Most Recent Solo Outing, In The Chapel Of Moloch.

[BOOKS] ✯ Hellboy: The Crooked Man and Others Author Mike Mignola – Lalaweek.us
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Hellboy: The Crooked Man and Others
  • Mike Mignola
  • English
  • 02 May 2019
  • 9781595824776

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    Worth the price of admission for The Crooked Man alone These are just a collection of great Hellboy short stories without the larger story building of the ongoing overarching Hellboy plot.

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    Now that s a brilliant volume Four short stories, all of them excellent Rural American horror, pirates, Moloch worshipping talentless artists, poker games with ghosts The Crooked Man and Others is a quintessential Hellboy collection, a...

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    It was a little jarring to come right off a Hellboy collection with a single storyline that ended on a bit of a cliffhanger The Wild Hunt to this one, which has three unrelated short stories The thing of it is, they re good enough I didn t mind for long Especially when it comes to the title story, which is oddly, for Mignola based on American folklore It s a solid, believable piece of work, with one of the most twisted and disturbing looking crea...

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    The Crooked Man , despite being Vol 10 in the Hellboy series, isn t a continuation of the events of the previous book but rather a collection of shorts written by Mignola and illustrated by the best comics artists around While I would ve liked to see what happened after Vol 9, The Crooked Man than makes up for it by providing story after story of high quality, brilliant storytelling and art The Crooked Man showcases Richard Corben s artwork as Mignola takes Hellboy into rural North America to fight mountain witches and the devil himself The depiction of the devil, or The Crooked Man , is truly amazing as are panel after panel of ruined churches, idyllic countryside, and horrifying creatures If you re a Discworld fan and always wondered what Granny Weatherwax entering the body of an animal might look like, you get to see the graphic depiction here It s the best story in the book and can easily see why it won an Eisner award in 2009 Jason Shawn Alexander the guy who drew Abe Sapien The Drowning lends his talents to a tale of a headless pirate Blackbeard, while Mignola himself draws In the Chapel of Moloch , a Goya esque tale of demon worship The fanciful strip The Mole rounds out this superb collection with the inimitable Duncan Fegredo drawing beautiful countryside vistas, a ghostly poker game, and a derelict house with equal skill Totally worth readi...

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    Typically, I cannot stand the art of Richard Corben It reminds me too closely of Harvey Pekar and Harry Crumb, which, to me, have no place in the art galleries of Hellboy B.R.P.D However, in this such instance, the story was compelling and every so often a glimpse of a good looking Hellboy would pop into a panel Otherwise, most the characters look kind of dreadful to me I...

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    A group of short stories taking place in various eras The best one of the lot seemed to be the first one, The Crooked Man , which was an interesting take on Appalachian folklore It definitely make me curious to read on the topic The Hellboy series definite...

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    2.5 stars Both the artwork and the storyline of The Crooked Man which takes up half the book were just completely and utterly terrible Fortunately, the other three short stories were fairly decent I really liked In t...

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    I m a Mignola fanboy so my review will be biased.Man, I ve been reading BPRD for a while and it feels so good to see Big Red and also do some one and done issues With BPRD going full steam ahead with world building and character buildling not to mention monster fights it s been a while since I ve read HB just walk into a situation unprepared and beat the shit out of weird folklore, mythological monsters This is what it was that hooked me on the Mignolaverse World Not a lot of world building, all of of it is done in service of the title and the setting of the stories We travel all over the place with this arc, from Italy, American South, Caribbeanjust all over The art is all over the place, with different artists taking different approached on telling a HB story, and of course there is the wonderful Mignola illustrated Temple of Moloch As I said, the world building is minor, serving mostly the tale that the writer is telling, but man is it ever cool to have a monster of the issue books again I especially liked the setting of The Crooked Man as it is a world and lore that I am not too familiar with and it made for a very fresh read.Story One and done are great when you just want to throw multiple ideas and stories towards the reader These tales are simple, paced well and fun There are still hints...

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    A quick recap of the four stories collected in this volume The Crooked Man Cool story, drawing from Appalachian folklore, but the art just didn t work for me 2 starsThey That Go Down to the Sea in Ships Blackbeard the pirate Great story, loved the art Jason Shawn Alexander s is a very different style from Mignola s, but some of the frames are simply perfect 4.5 starsIn the Chapel of Moloch Pretty much your run of the mill Hellboy story here with the great, subdued Mignola art I ve so enjoyed for 10 volume...

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    Another collection of short works, reminding me of why I m so glad I can read this series one after another instead of having to wait Five stars for The Crooked Man, four stars for the others, though Duncan Fegredo remains my favorite Hellboy illustrator after Mignola himself, of course , and those four stars might just be because The Crooked Man is so very good that the others suffer by comparison The feeling of Appalachian folklore is incredibly strong without losing the essential nature o...

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