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The Unexpected Return Lady Isabelle And Her Son Charles, Are Fleeing For Their Lives Closely Pursued By The Same French Rebels Who Wrongfully Imprisoned Her Husband Jacques Forced From Her Home By The Rebels, Isabelle Must Leave All She Knows Behind Her, Including Her Husband And Daughter, In Order To Protect Her Son Meanwhile, In The Bowels Of A Filthy Prison, Jacques Remains Faithful To God In The Face Of Certain Death Will Jacques And His Family Be Delivered From The Hands Of Evil Join Us As We See How God S Hand Of Protection Guides His Servants Through Even The Most Dangerous Of Trials In The Unexpected Return.

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    I actually listened to the audio of this, but it is AMAZING The Unexpected Return is one of the most impacting books I have read I really enjoyed it because I have not read much on the French Revolution besides Les Meserables This is excellent for French l...

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    Another great audio drama from Lamplighters that mirrors human nature today.

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    I thought the story was really good and I think the Lamplighter Theatre audios are amazing They have sounds effects and everything It s just like listening to an Adventures and Odyssey almost.

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    I actually didn t read this I listened to the dramatized edition put out by the Lamplighter Theatre.

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    Listened to the audio

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