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Doctor Who Join The Tenth Doctor On A Series Of Extraordinary Adventures In Time And Space In These Collected Comics From The Pages Of Doctor Who Magazine Featuring Ten Amazing Stories Hotel Historia Space Vikings , Thinktwice The Stockbridge Child Mortal Beloved The Age Of Ice The Deep Hereafter Onomatopoeia Ghosts Of The Northern Line The Crimson Hand The Doctor Has A New Adversary Majenta Pryce, The Toughest Businesswoman In The Galaxy When Magenta Manipulates Time Itself To Make A Profit, She And The Doctor Cross Swords And Magenta Ends Up On The Losing Side But Events Draw The Pair Together Again When A Threat To The Entire Universe Surfaces, And Magenta Is Somehow At The Heart Of It The Doctor Is Forced To Take Majenta On An Epic Quest As They Battle Ice Monsters, Insane Cyborgs, Psychic Predators And Vengeful GhostsAnd The Crimson Hand Are Close Behind Them PLUS A Bumper Commentary Section Where The Writers, Artists And Editors Reveal The Stories Behind The Strips, Featuring Never Before Published Sketches, Unused And Deleted Scenes, Original Story Outlines And An Essential Collection For Fans Of Doctor Who And Classic British Comics

[Ebook] ↠ Doctor Who  Author Dan McDaid – Lalaweek.us
  • Paperback
  • 258 pages
  • Doctor Who
  • Dan McDaid
  • English
  • 24 April 2019
  • 9781846534515

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    This was quite good And the bonus material reveals why so much of the Doctor Who media tie in material is so bland The creators tend to get tied up with getting approval from the show runners that any sense of creativity or development rarely makes int...

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    A reminder of how well Doctor Who can work when the companion isn t yet another young, contemporary Earthling apart from anything else, that s a demographic already over represented in damn near every other show on TV Beyond background, the imperious Majenta Pryce also has an entertainingly fractious relationship with the Doctor, which is again a pleasant change after a decade featuring far too much romance you re my bestest fwiend in the TARDIS Yes, her green skin would in practical terms be a bit much, FX wise, for a regular but dear heavens how I d love another bickering Turlough or murderous Leela in place of that endlessly tiresome current incumbent who is, after all, essentially a de aliened Adric The stories Not much cop, but then the DWM comics so seldom are The point is, they would have been vastly worse with Donna, Rose or even Martha clogging them up Fuck audience id...

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    The most impressive of the 10th Doctor s DWM comics A wide variety of scenarios, and genres really gave a facelift to the series, and Majenta was a great companion.

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    The only story that really didn t work for me was the silent one, but they can t all be winners

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    This book collects the final 10th Doctor comics After the 2008 series and until Series 5 truly got under way in the Spring of 2010, the Tenth Doctor was on his own and companionless on television with few adventures Thus Doctor Who Magazine gave him his own companion and own 2009 Season complete with story arc.However, Majenta Pryce is far from a typical companion She first met the Doctor in Issue 394 of Doctor Who magazine when he thwarted her hotel that was ripping apart time The Doctor encounters her again at a prison called, The Thinktwice where her memory has been wiped She recovers enough of her memory to blame the Doctor for the whole thing and demand she be taken to a planet, but first some detours.Overall, the book works fairly well It a case where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts The only bad story is the story without Majenta called Space Vikings because it s just Vikings IN SPACE.However, many of these stories were middling What stands out as good are the Stockridge Child which features the return of Max Edison The Age of Ice finds the returns of the Skith and this time they re in Australia with some lovely art The Deep Hereafter has the Doctor becoming a hard boiled detective of sorts though they thankfully this was a short story and then the ending of The Ghosts of the Northern Line captures the world weariness of the late Tenth Doctor s era But probably the only really great story is the titular, The Crimson Hand where at least the truth abo...

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    Hotel Historia 394 A fun strip, primarily for its attention to time travel and its beautiful Kirbyesque artwork Majenta doesn t make much of an impression 7 10.Space Vikings A fairly mediocre story 5 10.Thinktwice 400 402 With McDaid back, there s all kinds of good stuff here great characterization for Majenta, interesting mysteries, and a terrific and alien looking monster The result is great fun 7 10.The Stockbridge Child 403 405 A terrific return to Stockbridge Though this story of alien invasion feels much like the New Who, it s just OK, with too much metaphysics and too little surprise 6 10.Mortal Beloved 406 407 A fun story primarily for its weird links to Majenta s past 7 10.The Age of Ice 408 411 A very good story for its focus on Maj s past and for its attention to DWM comic continuity, with the return of an old villain Oh, and there s good action adventure and good suspicious Maj throughout The author positions this as a mid season two parter, and he does that concept well 7 10.The Deep Hereafter 412 This is a delightful piece of noir sature Great, Spirit influenced art and fun writing 8 10.Onomatopoeia 413 I think that Marvel s Nuff Said month convinced me that most dialogue less comics were gimmicky bits of fluff This one is too 5 10.Ghosts of the Northern Line 414 415 A nice piece of spooky fiction Though it doesn t directly f...

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    A solid final run of Tenth Doctor comic strips from Doctor Who Magazine, featuring fun new companion Majenta Pryce My picks of the litter were probably the haunted house in space and the return of the Skith, but the final arc wrapping everything up is satisfying...

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    The Doctor meets up with Magenta when she is a criminal There is something about her, and she eventually becomes his companion so that he can find out what it is This is an epic of the old school with all the sto...

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    The Crimson Hand is sort of like a Doctor Who series in comic book form It has individual stories that present themselves like episodes, a good story arch and a fabulous new, non human companion who may or may not be trustworthy It s a very exciting read.

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    Really cool, I love how it forms a mini season in itself Magenta Pryce is a great companion, I hope to see of her in the future.This was my first Doctor Who comic, and I intend to read many in the future

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