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Emily Brontë: A BiographyWinifred G Rin S Emily Brontmarks The Culmination Of Seventeen Years Research And Completes Her Cycle Of Bront Biographies Begun In 1959 With Anne Bront , Followed In 1961 With Bramwell Bront , And In 1967 With Charlotte Bront The Evolution Of Genius Which Obtained Three Major Literary Awards.Emily Bront Has Been The Subject Of Numerous Literary Studies, But There Have Been Few Informed Biographies Of Her The Present Author Brings To The Task Three Distinctive Assets Her Previous Works On The Bront S, Her First Hand Study Of MSS, And Her Intimate Knowledge Of The Haworth Scene Through Ten Years Residence In The Village.The Result Is Not Only A Portrait Of A Singular Genius But Of A Mind In Growth Emily Is Shown In Girlhood And In Adolescence As Susceptible To The Influences Of Her Time Religious, Regional And Literary And Gondal In The True Perspective Of Its Gothic And Romantic Prototypes The Metaphysical And Thematic Parallels Between Gondal And Wuthering Heights Are Made The Subject Of Special Analysis, And The Full Texts Of Emily S Significant French Essays Are Given For The First Time Book Description Taken From Front Inside Jacket Flap

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    Es una biograf a fiable y quer a leerla porque en internet o incluso en otras biograf as podemos encontrarnos versiones diferentes sobre algunos episodios de la vida de las Bront o incluso sobre sus personalidades Esta versi n, en particular, me ha parecido muy veros mil y l gica y le doy bastante credibilidad.Est claro que Emily Bront ten a un fuerte car cter y era bastante peculiar, incluso para ser la hija de un p rroco que viv a en un lugar retirado No creo que podamos imaginarnos la vida que llevaban all , casi solo teniendo a la familia como compa a pero yo, que soy introvertida y si no me controlo me a slo mucho, ya os digo que estar mucho tiempo solo puede llegar a cambiar mucho el car cter.Uno de los aspectos que m s me ha gustado de este libro es que nos cuenta cuales son las posibles influencias que tuvo la autora para escribir Cumbres borrascosas y me han parecido teor as muy acertadas y bien argumentadas Por un lado, Emily nunca dej de enriquecer ese mundo ficticio que ella y Anne crearon de ni as y algunos de los pasajes, poemas o personajes parece que son un atisbo de algunas ideas que incluir a m s tarde en su novela.Despu s est el tema de Branwell, el hermano descarriado Ese hombre del que se esperaba tanto y que fracas de forma tan estrepitosa que es imposible n...

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    Engaging biography spoiled in last pages by rampant speculative psycho analysis of the cause of Bronte s death she claimed it was psychosomatic and Bronte wanted death I also found myself becoming increasingly sceptical at the idea Bronte was a mystic I think the context of widespread Victorian Protestantism and religion at the time has to be considered when assessing how the Brontes wrote about spiritual matters, and the romanticising of Emily as a mystic is problematic anyway It s a shame that what was a good read notwithstanding the other problematic psychogenic explanation often given for Emily Bronte s illness at Roe Head School did unfortunately degenerate into an incoherent, implausible attempt to espouse a psy...

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    Si la figura de Emily, al igual que la de todos los miembros Bront , han sido reiterado e insistente objetivo desde que recuerdo, de mi m s ferviente inter s, admiraci n y sobre todo fascinaci n, esta biograf a tan maravillosa de Winifred G rin ha multiplicado infinitamente ese deslumbramiento y mi respeto, reconocimiento y aprecio por la misterios...

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    While The Dark Quartet may be a entertaining read on the life of the Brontes, this biography provides an exceptionally thorough and intriguing discussion on the most reclusive and BRILLIANT of the foursome Emily Bronte was,without question, the GREATEST writer the world has ever seen and will ever see Gerin does an admira...

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    Way too anxiety provoking for me to read I stopped when Maddy is accused of not helping out with the fire I knew then I wouldn t be able to read the rest without being anxious.

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    This is my first Bronte biography by Winifred Gerin, who apparently wrote a separate biography for all of them next up Charlotte It s a short book yet full of speculation than facts, which is sort of the problem with Emily s life there is so much we don t know that you can basically make it up and indeed almost have to The book quotes from the...

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    Uncovering the elusive, reclusive author of Wuthering Heights no easy task But carried out beautifully by Gerin A must read for all Bronte fans.

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    Just great, really I am a big admirer of the Bront s and of Emily in particular and have read other biographies about her and the family before G rin s appears not only excellently researched but written...

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    This is a very sympathetic work that gave me a sense of Emily Bronte s greatness and oddness, both as a person and in terms of her writing Her s is an heroic, tragic story, carefully and thoroughly told by Winifred Gerin.

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