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Great Military Disasters Military History Is Overflowing With Successful Campaigns By Celebrated Commanders Less Well Known Are The Wartime Tragedies Of Incompetence, Miscalculation And Misfortune That Have Dishonored The Names Of Once Proud Generals, Wasted The Lives Of Thousands Of Soldiers, And Resulted In The Loss Of Precious Territory And Power.From The Carnage At The Battle Of Mount Tabor In 1125 BC To The Humiliating French Defeat At Dien Bien Phu In 1954, Julian Spilsbury Chronicles The Most Disastrous Military Operations Of All Time Why Did Napoleon Fail To Conquer Moscow In 1812 Which Generals Were Responsible For Such Shocking Losses On The Battlefields Of WWI And What Prevented Hitler S 6th Army Panzers From Capturing Stalingrad A Host Of Factors Can Lead To Military Disaster In 1876, At The Battle Of Little Bighorn, General Custer S 7th Cavalry Paid The Price Of His Overconfidence And Complacency, Suffering A Shocking Defeat By The Largest Gathering Of Native American Warriors Ever Witnessed At Tannenberg In 1914, Technological Ineptitude And Bad Luck Spelled Disaster For The Russians, When The Interception Of An Un Coded Message Led To German Victory And General Samsonov S Suicide Detailed Here Are 20 Absorbing Accounts Of How The Misguided Actions Of Just A Few Men, Be It Through Arrogance, Ignorance Or Gross Stupidity, Brought About The Downfall Of Some Of History S Greatest Armies.Accompanied By Eyewitness Quotations And 50 Dramatic Illustrations, Great Military Disasters Is Both An Absorbing Overview Of The World S Major Conflicts And An Intriguing Study Of Military Incompetence Of The Gravest Kind.

[PDF] ↠ Great Military Disasters  Author Julian Spilsbury – Lalaweek.us
  • Hardcover
  • 208 pages
  • Great Military Disasters
  • Julian Spilsbury
  • 04 September 2018
  • 9781435124455

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    Generally a good book as it gives a summation of 20 military disasters History has rather than that and it would be difficult to cover them all in the space of a single book It is a very readable book as the author has a chatty style and covers the human side of disaster fairly well with quotes from the participants One chapter is devoted to each battle and includes the prelude to the battle, the battle itself and a summation of what happened The ostensible goal of the battle is described as well as, in some cases, the participants actual reason for fighting where known The reasons for failure above and beyond the usual ones for every battle is a failure for one side and a success for the other are given and also the consequences in tactical or strategic terms The personalities of the main players are also set out as it is often the case that personality is the cause of misjudgment.It suffers from one glaring omission and that is the absence of maps It is difficult to follow the description of which group went where and why they might have taken longer than expected.Interesting inclusions in his list are Mount Tabor, taken from the bible account, Little Big Horn, significant for the effect on the American psyche rather than the death toll which was fairly minor and Dien Bien Phu, a modern battle that can still be remembered by many living today.I don t agree with all of the inclusions in the book So...

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    Interessante geschiedenisverhalen, maar het verhaal zelf kon een stuk beter en begrijpbaarder met wat illustraties en schema s Bv Verdun s geografische ligging, de verschillende fronten en de evolutie ervan in de tijd maken de situatie veel vatbaarder en inzichtelijker In die zin vind ik...

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    Very informative and easy to read, interesting to see the evolution of warfare from Hannibal through the Middle Ages,Bannockburn,Crecy and The Somme, Stalingrad The one issue with this book is it would have benefited from a few maps to give a better picture of the battlefields.

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    this book is very good Very informative

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