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The Big BoxTo Make Three Youngsters Patty, Mickey And Liza Sue Abide By Their Rules, The Grown Ups Parents, Teachers And Other Adults Create A World Inside A Box, A World With Toys, Games, Treats And Gifts But All Patty, Mickey And Liza Sue Really Want Is The Freedom To Be Themselves.

[PDF] ✩ The Big Box ✭ Toni Morrison – Lalaweek.us
  • Hardcover
  • 48 pages
  • The Big Box
  • Toni Morrison
  • English
  • 04 April 2019
  • 9780786804160

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    The big boxThis book dose not have any cute paintings All of things are painting by an real way In my mind, maybe some children will not like it because of the painting style But the content of this books is very wonderful There are three children live inside the big brown box They are Patty and Mickey and Liza Sue They are two girls and one boy Patty is an naughty girl She spoke in the library, sang in the class, and went to the restroom four times Mickey is a mischievous boy He wrote his name on the mailbox lid, sat on the super s Honda, hollered in the hall, and played handball Right where the sign not ta Liza is a puckish girl She let the chickens keep their eggs, let the squirrels into the fruit trees, took the bit from the horse s mouth, and fed honey to the bees.Patty s teachers, Mickey s tenants, and Liza s neighbors sent them to the big brown box Because they are troubles for them These three children give me another feeling not like trouble They are the symbol of all children Children...

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    Wonderful message, and Morrison s rhythmic poetry really adds something extra to the text I chose four stars instead of five because it is a bit complex for the picture book audience, and I didn t personally find the art appealing.

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    One of my favorite stories My son LOVED to read have this book read to him A book about finding yourself even when everyone else is trying to put you into that same box.

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    The Big Box is not your average children s book It starts out with three children playing and their parents don t think they can handle their freedom So they put each child in a big brown box with a door that has three locks, and a window that keeps them inside The big box reminds of a psych ward then an actual box that the kids are in.The illustrations in this book look they were drawn by a child, but that s what I love about the book You can ...

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    This book tells the stories of Patty, Mickey and Liza Sue and how they ended up living in a big box All three of them were extremely active children, and as a result, the grown ups in their lives decided to put them in a box While they lived in the box, the adults gave them things they though kids loved However, all the kids want is their own freedom The story is told with almost a song like rhythm an...

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    The art in this picturebook isn t necessarily simple, but it isn t realistic looking either I found it confusing at first how the children looked as though they were in a room when being placed in the big box, but then I found it amusing when I saw later in on the book that they came out of the box that they were placed in by people trying to contain their freedom I feel as though the moral in this story is to not ...

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    The Big Box is really a picture book for grownups The adults, in this fable, think that they re helping children by keeping them sequestered Instead, they should be careful to be neither overprotective nor neglectful This is poetic lesso...

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    This is so good, and refreshingly challenging for a picture book Adults force children to live in a box because they don t want to play by adults arbitrary rules And the children question and ultimately challenge authority in a healthy and respectful way.

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    IEP, perspectives interactive read aloud for uos

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    Wanted to love this Didn t captivate audience Illustrations are decent but sophomoric

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