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Basecraft Cirrostratus Things Have Just Gotten Very Difficult For Professor Elor Kaya When Emperor Salaar S Secret Police, The Nightwatch, Decide The Cougar Is A Threat To The Regime, He Flees To The Holds Of The Basecraft Cirrostratus, A Sort Of Flying Airport Within Its Holds, In A Hastily Built Shanty Town, He And Several Hundred Other Creatures Try To Make Out A Living In A Lawless Parallel Society.There, Elor Is Forced To Confront Gangsters, Thugs, Gun Runners, And Bloodthirsty Smugglers And His Ex Boyfriend, A Wolf Named Vinz, Who Fled The Surface Nine Years Before Complicating Things Even Further, Vinz S Current Love Interest A Fox Named Laz Ends Up Falling For Elor.Will Elor Be Sucked Into A Life Of Crime Will Elor Reunite With Vinz, Or Will Laz Break Vinz S Heart And How Long Can They Survive Inside The Dark, Sunless Holds Of TheBasecraft Cirrostratus Author Justin Lamar Is Proud To Present The Very First Of His Books To See Publication, A Story That Blends Adventure, Action, Romance, And Intrigue That Crosses Genres Fans Of Noir And Dieselpunk Fiction Will Enjoy The Gritty, Dangerous Setting Reminiscent Of 1930s Europe.

[PDF / Epub] ✅ Basecraft Cirrostratus  By Rose LaCroix – Lalaweek.us
  • ebook
  • 170 pages
  • Basecraft Cirrostratus
  • Rose LaCroix
  • 05 January 2017
  • 9781935599562

    15 thoughts on “[PDF / Epub] ✅ Basecraft Cirrostratus By Rose LaCroix – Lalaweek.us

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    A solid, if at times unspectacular start to the series.Some of the issues, such as some pacing problems, could be attributed to this being the author s first book, and are things that can be easily remedied A little depth to the characters could be beneficial, but a lot of thought has clearly been put into the setting There w...

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    On first glance, I thought this wasn t really my thing And indeed, military suspense political intrigues are not something I generally choose to read However, these characters are well drawn and believable The backdrop setting is detailed and realistic, and the politics are all too genuine Once I was caught up in the story, it simply had to be read straight through to find the ending.The writing style is cl...

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    I enjoyed reading this book especially the Diesel Punk look and feel We need books in this genre The author has crafted a fantastic world that is aesthetically pleasing and provides many pleasant surprises for a retro junkie like myself.A good innings as a first work I am confident it could have earned four stars if the right person did some no holds barred editing.In many cases, less would have been A few plot devices could have been implemented less intrusively Show, don t tell Some scenes could have been shuffled around Some shortened Some removed There are a lot of unnecessary details the value of currencies being an example that is within arm s reach that could have been omitted, or better blended in with the narrative It might also have been better to tell the story from only Elor s perspec...

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    It s easy to write a glowing review about something awesome, and it s easy to write a review about something that s awful It s another thing entirely to write about something that that is not quite good enough, that could be better, that is ultimately flawed but promising.Basecraft Cirrostratus is set in a 1930s style world, about a cougar named Elor who flees a harsh regime to a flying airport where he falls in with a bad crowd, as well as his ex boyfriend, getting tangled up with killings, gun running and a love triangle All around international intrigue The setting reminds me of Bioshock and its criminal underbelly, had Rapture been in the sky rather than the sea.Sounds promising, doesn t it Well it is promising That s the thing It s a wonderful setting The story itself is nice some real Coincidences, some things that don t quite make sense, but solid.The flaw comes from the author s style Many things draw the reader out of the story Characterization, telling not showing, presentation, perspective, certain plot points there are places they could have simply been better It s clearly his first book.But it s not bad The author has a real talent at description, he knows his setting and he knows his t...

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    An interesting book from a political perspective Having all the characters be different animals and not shifters was a little odd It was easy to get into the characters thoughts and come to like dislike them I may have enjoyed the book if the sex scenes didn t re...

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